002 Bolliger to 007, Fifty Years Working with James Bond

To celebrate everything great that now half a century that was projected, for the first time on the big screen, the first film Of Secret Agent 007, the maison Bollinger It has decided to commemorate so magna time designing a anniversary case.

The new packaging, elegant y sophisticated – in the image and likeness of the legendary agent secret-, was designed by the Agency Sparkle, and remember a metal safe with combination – opens by checking a secret code, is obtained by checking the figures 007 in the dials, and pressing the button concealed underneath of the logo “gun”.

In the opinion of Mathieu Kauffmann, Director of Bollinger Winery, champagne which houses this sophisticated chest, belonging to the the 2002 vintage, constitutes the millesime most outstanding of the last Decade. The bottle, that have elegantly dress of Black bright and Silver, and they have played that with a protection like the handle of a cylinder head gun is, if same, a worthy object of collection.

This limited edition of Bollinger 002 for 007, fifty years working with James Bond (composed by) thirty thousand units) will go on sale next twenty-sixth day of October, making it coincide with the premiere of the movie Skyfall. We are convinced that this new presentation will delight in the fans gadgets technological occult-minded secret agents.