125 Years of Triumph and My Impressions of the Celebration

125 years in the world of fashion is an achievement that should applaud standing. If this is achieved, moreover, without losing the quality and style, then we will celebrate it with much fanfare. Under that premise, Triumph invited us to celebrate with them its 125 years in the Museum of contemporary art (MAC) with a parade of their new collections and a delicious cocktail. The evening could be perfect, there were details that left me with little taste. Do you want to know what were?

125 Years of Triumph and My Impressions of the Celebration

The good and beautiful of the 125 years of Triumph

The MAC of forest park was converted into a beautiful lounge, which reminded me of romance, elegance and a Parisian of early 20th century cabaret sexy spirit (one sat – If arriving early – in a beautifully decorated tables). In an intimate setting of lights low, roses and champagne. All very consistent with the beautiful invitation that I received which, through a kind of League, has urged me to accompany the brand to celebrate its 125 years.

After a long time of waiting -I tell you them of that -, that I shared with my friend Pia Montalva – after Mikel joined the simpatiquisima Denisse Leighton with its friend-, was home to the parade, where projected historical brand images, while the models showed us the latest collections of Triumph: Perfect Shape, Valisere and Triumph 125 Anniversary Vintage Collection that they took out sighs both men and women. To my particular, they loved the in touch more vintage and “dresses molders” of its proposal Perfect Shape. In fact, I treated to imagine using them on several occasions from the most formal to the most festive.

125 Years of Triumph and My Impressions of the Celebration 3

After the parade, could delight me with part of the rich cocktail that my nephew Pablo Bagnara, however, I had to start how modern Cinderella – without leaving the shoe obviously pulled – to meet my beloved, because she had to return to vineyard (parenting fashionista + professional – employee is tired more complicated and less glamorous than think).

The room for improvement of the 125 years of Triumph

  1. We live in Chile, the country that within the Latino average is more specific, but that doesn’t mean the events to draw upon at the time. Therefore, I have clear that if you quoted at 20.30, the event split up to half an hour more… Half an hour, not 1 hour and 10 minutes… Above all, because there are people like me – looks like goose, but work with the Asia Pacific where tardiness is very badly seen – that try to be punctual and that after the long wait began to lose interest. I think that brands must begin to educate your guests, especially if the frame is as formal and well produced. Stripping glamour long waits. If one is characterized by relatively split at the time, will force the rest to hurry, since he knows that if he does not, perhaps you miss.

125 Years of Triumph and My Impressions of the Celebration 2

Now, another detail that I think should be assessed is the parade-related. 125 years are met once in life. Although it sounds like a cliché this simple fact requires that not only the overall production is impeccable, but also the staging of the pageant. I’m not saying that in Triumph wasn’t it, but it had nothing out of the ordinary. Given the years of experience of the brand, waited a walkway where is narrated a story, that of mark, accompanied not only images, but also ad hoc music and perhaps any performance, which moved us to the original and current mystique of Triumph.

In the end, the evening was pleasant. It is always great to share with friends from the scene Creole fashion and enjoy a space where you can breathe the design. However, as Asians, have taught me “the perfection of detail is always the bottom indicator”. Big celebrations we must never lose sight of them… Meanwhile, by staying with the sweet flavor of these 125 years, which have turned Triumph into synonym of quality and trend in underwear and that has earned her millions of followers throughout the world. I agree with them.