50’s Hairstyle – Betty Page Hair Styling

This 50’s hairstyle is hair styling by Betty page modeled after and ideal, if they ever has no right pony, especially not so short like Betty. You need an elongated so-called node role in your hair tone. You will find something in our shop for a few euros.

Betty page, by the way is one of the most famous pin-up girls at all and was known by Hugh Hefner. She was never as mainstream as Marylin Monroe, but has reached cult status as well. There’s even a movie about her life. If you want make-up the make-up to match, you can find the illustrated Betty page makeup tutorial here.

Betty Page Of 50s Hairstyle Step 1:

First you can share from the game hair, which you want to wrap around the node role. The Department has the shape of a horseshoe and the right in the picture. You have less hair, the Department must be the greater, so that you can cover the entire roll with your hair.

If you have very few and thin hair, it’s best, you wrap around the node role with a hair piece in your hair color (for a few strands range) or you tinker your own hair roller, a hair part friends. Because if the node role plastic seems too much, the retro hairstyle just doesn’t look good.

Betty Page 50 he Hairstyle Step 2:

Now you toupierst the separated part from below strongly with Back combing brush or a comb of Back combing at. Spray Hairspray on the back combed hair for more support.

Betty Page Of 50s Hairstyle Step 3:

Now place the Kontenrolle in the small section of hair and your hair suggest including respectively’s wrap firmly to the role.

Betty Page Of 50s Hairstyle Step 4:

Now, you good bangs with hair pins the Betty page below on the hair roller. The whole thing is a bit tricky, because easy single hairs out chael.

At the end, you’re also the hair at the two ends of the role something about to cover the ends of the node role with hair. You’re stuck also good hair with hair pins.

Betty Page Of 50s Hairstyle Step 5:

You now make friends your hair length.

We have styled the typical wave of Betty page with a Gatteisen, Mary is our hair professional. With a straightening iron, you can make very fast super waves and ringlets even what works best if you have a second person, who works in the curls for a. The technology is fairly simple, but requires some practice.

You above in the straightening iron, holding a strand of hair and wrap up a first hair around the rod and move that this icy iron in rotation around itself after below. The curls come by concurrent wrapping around the curling iron and pull the hair. Right, you can see that the curls are not as round as with a curling iron, but go more in the direction of waves. You can also just build the whole where you roll up your hair on heating rod.

Also provides a very nice a ponytail to the Betty bangs out. Betty page had your hair but most open.