Applemews: Quarterly Numbers, Beta Updates

Great success of the App store, iTunes update
Sommerloch, oh je: There is not much news in the apple sky. Nevertheless here and there a few trifles, which should not be mentioned. On the one hand, Apple issued a press release, which confirmed the success of the iPhone App store once again. For example, more than 1.5 billion programs were downloaded via the virtual software shop counter in the first year. In addition, Apple has released the second beta version of the iPhone SDK version 3.1. In addition, there is a new developer build of Snow Leopard and once again rumors about the Apple Netbook, about the colleague Pittermann in detail.
App store success
“Something like the App Store has never existed in the industry before-neither in quantity nor in quality, over 1.5 billion downloaded applications will make it very difficult for others to catch up.” This is Steve Jobs , Even if the whole thing seems to be viewed through the pink glasses, you probably will not be able to recognize Apple’s performance as an outsider: over 65,000 programs listed in the App Store, more than 100,000 smart heads participating in the Enwickler program. So it really has never really happened. If you believe in various stories on the net, people have actually managed with the app store to earn a lot of money. Even those who do not work directly with Apple.

figures Next week Apple will announce its business figures for the past quarter. Looking at the report from AppleInsider , the analysts suspect, especially in the notebook segment a huge increase. Considering that Apple has updated the MacBook Pro series to the World Wide Developers Conference and even lowered the price, the whole thing sounds quite believable. According to analysts, about five million sold iPhone 3GS will help Apple to be in good nutrition. Let’s hope that my shares go up!

New Snow Leopard build
Apple distributed a new version of Mac OS 10.6 Snow Leopard to developers: The update is about 730 megabytes heavy and bears the version number 10A411. According , the improvements are expected to lie especially in the area of ​​overall stabilityand speed, as well as improvements in the user interface. The final customer version of Snow Leopard is expected in September. All Mac shoppers who have purchased their computer after the WWDC conference can refer the update from Leopard to the latest version of the Mac operating system at the shipping cost. And you can get more from

Second beta to Apple’s iPhone OS SDK 3.1
In addition to the Snow Leopard beta update, there is yet another gadget for developers: TheiPhone OS 3.1 SDK reaches the beta 2 status. Here, Apple has helped with some tools for graphics development, and can now be accessed via third-party software to the video and editing function. Of course, Apple does not announce this officially, but it seems as if Apple with the iPhone OS 3.1 also remove the for the manufacturer from Cupertino uncomfortable sides of the 3.0 software: On the one hand JailBreak and Unlock after update on 3.1 probably no longer work , On the other hand Internet tethering will probably no longer be easily activated via a configuration file. Probably, the diligent developers around the Dev team in typical cat and mouse manner will not take long to unleash the iPhone also in the version 3.1.

ITunes Update 8.2.1.
ITunes gets a small update: About 80 megabytes summarizes the update to the software version 8.2.1. Great changes do not appear on the iTunes info page, only the words “iTunes 8.2.1 provides a number of important bug fixes and addresses to issue with verification of Apple devices.” Presumably, the new iTunes version will exclude only Palm-Pre users who had previously had the possibility to synchronize their smartphone with Apple’s iTunes software.So it also confirms Apple’s PR woman Natalie Kerris with the following words:”It also disables devices falsely pretending to be iPods, including the Palm Pre. As we’ve said before, newer versions of Apple’s iTunes software may not have any longer syncing functionality with unsupported digital media players.”Was that expected differently?