Art-Tip: Style-Clicker City – “I Follow My Gut Feeling”

“When I am in the shower in the morning, I play my spirit in my spirit,” says Street fashion blogger Gunnar Hämmerle. The Düsseldorf-based NRW-Forum is now dedicating the exhibition “Styleclicker City – People of the 21st Century” to his artistic work.

Gunnar Hämmerle is one of the most successful fashion bloggers. Now the Düsseldorf NRW Forum is dedicating to him an individual exhibition.

“Styleclicker City – People of the 21st Century” is the biggest individual exhibition ever dedicated to a fashion blogger. It shows the work of Gunnar Hämmerle, of the Blog 2006 our site founded. With an artistically versed look, he puts on a special look of the catwalk “catwalk” and thus became internationally known within a very short time. met him for the interview.

How did you come up with the idea of ​​
We were looking for new concepts for content on the Internet. During the research I came across some streetstyle blogs like Hel Looks, Facehunter or the Sartorialist. Since I like to take pictures, especially people, I thought to myself, I try it in Munich. At first it was only a side project, now it is my profession.

Where do you think the people are dressed most valuable in the arts?
My favorite place is Stockholm, because you can see great outfits. And you can shop great and cheap in second hand boutiques. All in all, this is paradise for me.
What criteria do people have to fulfill to attract your attention?
Their look should be authentic, fit, just funtioniert’s. Certain criteria are not in my selection, I am completely guided by my gut feeling. It is important, however, that the whole package is right, because I am indeed whole body photos. It’s a pity if everything looks great except the shoes … unfortunately no picture!

How much time do you spend on putting together your own outfit every day?
Just about no extra time. When I am in the morning in the shower, I play in my mind my outfit. So go fast.

What are your favorite three?
A black, slightly further-fitting trousers by Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair, simple black vintage lace-up shoes by Bally and a black vintage jacket jacket, which actually has a touch of too short sleeves for me.

How do people react when you tell them that you want to photograph them for your blog?
Most of them are happy and flattered. Is also a compliment. And it sometimes happens that someone says “At last you photograph me, I’ve already thought you’ll never find me.”

Have you been in contact with some of your “models”?
In fact, I’ve got to know many, many very interesting personalities and I’m in contact with many, but more about Facebook. But, of course, you meet every now and then in the real world.

Only a successful blog, now a separate exhibition in the NRW forum – where is it next?
I will definitely continue the blog. The exhibition in the NRW-Forum is a great opportunity in the art company reinzuschnuppern. In this direction, I would like to continue. I have always been convinced of the quality of my work, but for a long time I did not have the self-confidence to believe in myself as an artist. This belief is steadily growing.