Autumn-Winter 08/09 Collection of Colonel Tapiocca for Boy and Girl

True to his adventurous and colonial style, Colonel Tapiocca It proposes a collection for this winter clothing and accessories especially for travel and adventure, marked by three different styles: vintage-colonial, survivor and technician. A modern proposal but that he respects the original brand, that although I do not style convinces me much, there are tastes for all. Different lines based on films such as out of Africa, the English patient or Indiana Jones.

But there is also another line of vintage clothing, carved in natural fabrics, especially cotton that bring comfort to garments, which at the end and at the end is what we seek. Beautiful, modern, and comfortable clothing, easy-to-wash or just need ironing, that many is what you seek, mainly when live independent.

What I like the most are shirts, with a contemporary touch, ideal for kids modern and perfect to wear with jeans. I also stay with the genuine leather jacket, take a lot this winter, and qie are what are called wardrobe. Often the boys like a lot with jeans to biker style.

For girl, there are many garments of woven stretch looking for maximum comfort to adapt perfectly to the female body. I stay with the leather belted jackets and sweatshirts, The Denim mini-skirts and sweatshirts. The hemp, a natural and organic tissue, is much used in bags and backpacks and leather as jackets and travel bags.

As for the color palette highlights the gray as the protagonist of the collection, in their different shades, night blue is one of the predominant tones together with the chocolate brown combined with crude oil and the grey. Finally, the Orange is located in different details of the garments. In addition, the collection puts special emphasis on small details such as embroideries, prints, aged finishes, seams etc, i.e., current designs.

For those who prefer technical and special items, garments ideal for, for example, hiking or other outdoor activities. Highlights the Nylon Suplex that repels water and stains, anti mosquito and anti rays grape, and the Soft Shell garments water repellent, breathable, elastic and very warm to deal with low temperatures of these dates.

Ultimately, the result is a collection of clothes and accessories specially cared for and designed for travel, adventure and outdoor activities, whereas the adventure also lives in the city.