Bridal Dresses with Certain Extras – Brautschmuck for the Hair

There are many bridal dresses – but which one is the right one? Whether it’s Bob, medium hair or long whales – we have a hairstyle tip for every haircut!

There are many inspirations for bridal dresses. If you want it extravagant, but not too complicated, you should look back on unusual accessories for your hair.

Whether wedding fairs, bridal catalogs or wedding magazines, TV program about the best day in the world and the right style, including bridal hairstyles or just the opinions of friends: An Advice to beautiful styling ideas and hairstyles, it certainly does not lack. With these accessories you make the right choice – no matter what the others say.

Bridal dresses quite quickly

Choose a brighter, simple version among the bridal dresses, and you can wear the accessories in the right place, or at least play to playful. The classic of the extras for the hair is certainly the diadem. Not only can the veil be fastened to it, it also brings the princess feeling with it. Too girlish? Then spice up your wedding dress with a variation of the diadem. Sparkling hairline with glitter, pebbles, ornate patterns or floral look make your head a real eye-catcher. Simply combed back hair, a simple dutt or a banana turn so with few hand movements in Hairstyles with much glamor and extravagance.

From expensive to cheap everything is there

If you do not want to dispense with the obligatory voluminous curls at your wedding, you do not have to renounce your hair jewelry entirely. Just grab a little restrained hair – so the hairstyle does not overcharge. As an alternative, you can also decorate your bridal dress with a pearl-embellished hair band. Especially with bangs do they look great and bring simple elegance in their hair.

More and more in the coming and on the wedding shows represented is Haarschmuck, which is decorated with lace or pearls. Vintage look is the keyword here. If you wear an already striking dress, however, you should not exaggerate it at the bride ceremony. Finally, the hair should not compete with the outfit, but dress and remaining styling should form a perfect team. A simple, white hair band is best suited to playful fabrics in a wedding dress. For this you do not have to spend a fortune – the walk to the craft shop is enough.