Coco from Sea, London – Londons Luxury Sex Shop

he façade of the Coco de Mer-Shop in South Kensington is rather plain – but connoisseurs know what is behind it. There are live performances in the shop windows – Photo: Paola Pieroni / Coco from Sea

Luxury erotic boutiques are trendy in London’s scene. With an exclusive boudoir ambience, Coco from Sea is the top address for lingerie, sensual accessories and designer sex toys.

At Coco de Mer in London, one can be seduced: the erotic empire stands for a new generation of sex shops – not a trace of a messy atmosphere. Instead, high-quality accessories such as hand-embroidered eyeballs, vintage satin nightdresses and designer sex toys are stylishly presented in the boudoir ambience.

In addition to lingerie from La Perla Black Label, Damaris and Mimi Holliday, there are also corsets, an erotic pharmacy, fragrance candles and books. The hit is the pink Shiri Tin Minx vibrator with a soft spring bend.

Offshoots in Los Angeles

The concept of Sam Roddick, the daughter of body shop founder Anita Roddick, came so well that after the store in Covent Garden a second branch in South Kensington and a branch in Los Angeles were opened.

With live performances in the shop window, courses in nude paintings and star guests such as burlesque queen Dita Von Teese, the Adam and Eve are lured into the sex paradise with silk wallpaper. Even Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt have already bought here. Funny: Behind the picture frame in the dressing room hides a camera, which can be actuated at the push of a button. The photos can then be admired on the website of Coco de Mer…

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