Decorating Ideas for the Hallway

Decorating Ideas for the Hallway

Decorating ideas for the hallway – things to keep in mind

Designing a hallway is precisely decorating a room or other important space. The right color and decoration that you use will reflect the whole house. Whatever the size of your hallway, designing it would be fun as long as you use your creativity, innovation and imagination. Here are some hallway decorations that will captivate your heart and your guests:

Decorating ideas for the hallway – keep an eye on things

The hallway is the first thing you see after the front door. It’s the first part your guests see. The hallway is often neglected and treated like a place to hang your coats, take off your shoes and the like. We often forget that the hallway is the first interior space we see when entering the house and that is why interior design is just as important as interior design in the living room or bedroom. Here are some tips on how to make the hallway come alive.

  1. Design of the walls– Walls have many functions. Ideally, the wall is built as the foundation for the house. Decorating would bring life to your hallway instead of leaving an empty and bare hallway. You can use the wall to hang paintings, decorations, hanging pictures, hangers, and the like. Remember, tight spaces don’t look good with dark colors or even with too much detail. Mirrors would make it look more spacious. Mirrors with stylish frames would make it more vivid. Photo galleries from your family or loved ones would make it cool too.
  2. More furniture– keep it simple. Just add enough furniture like a chair to make it stylish. You can also place a small table with a sculpture or decorative vases.
  3. Add details– if you plan to hang paintings or photos in the hallway, the size will depend on the size of the hallway. Notice the width. You can decide to hang paintings or photos that can be easily replaced if you wanted to change it up from time to time.
  4. More Accented Floor– Rule of thumb is that if you are laying carpet for the hallway it should be at least 6 inches from the wall. The carpet shouldn’t block the door either. Leave enough space for the door to open and close without holding onto. The ideal material for a hallway carpet is wool because it is very hard and can be used over and over again.
  5. Decorate with pillows– use fabric as decors. Adding a floral-themed bench will pair well with plain white walls of the hallway. Check out designs of different shades, shapes, and sizes to add detail to your hallway.
  6. The power of flowers– use a narrow bench to place decorative vases of flowers on. The flowers will be your powerful ally in making the hallway more vibrant and stimulating.
  7. Shades of Blue– You can try working with strong colors in small spaces to have instant focus in the hallway. Use light blue as a backdrop and from there you can mix and match different colors like cobalt, ultramarine and any deeper shade of blue for the furniture.
  8. Paint your steps– this is possible in hallways with stairs. Paint the stairwell with blue and white for the steps and background. Make it more eye-catching and eye-catching by painting the last two levels in bright yellow. This will bring life to your stairwell.


We hope that these hallway decorating ideas will stimulate your artistic side and that you will be able to bring life to your home. Remember, you can start by reviewing what you already have so that saves you money by not buying things that you don’t need later.

Decorating Ideas for the Hallway