Different Mattress Covers

Different Mattress Covers

When buying a mattress, little or no attention is paid to the cover of the mattress. However, the fact is that a mattress without a cover is actually unusable. A cover protects the mattress core, it improves the sleeping environment, ensures better bed hygiene and can even change the lying properties of the mattress. Therefore, it should not be ignored when buying a mattress.

Fabric type

A cover should be as elastic as possible in order to be able to adapt perfectly to the mattress. In contrast to woven covers, covers with stitch formation are elastic in all directions. Covers with single-needle quilting are of particularly high quality due to the small number of seams, as each seam restricts the elasticity of the cover. There are essentially three types of fabric for mattress covers:

Drell: Very dense and tightly woven, classic mattress cover material, which gives the mattress firm lying properties and is very hard-wearing. It is only rarely used and mostly for low-priced mattresses. Drell is good if you like to lie tight. In most cases, drill covers cannot be removed and are therefore not recommended for allergy sufferers.
Terrycloth: This cotton upholstery fabric consists of small loops and is particularly absorbent. If you sweat heavily at night, a terry cloth cover is ideal, but it should be quilted with a fleece, otherwise it will wear out quickly.
Double cloth: very elastic fabric that consists of several layers of fabric that are knitted together. A double-cloth mattress cover adapts perfectly to the pressed-in mattress, is very breathable and hard-wearing. As a rule, this mattress cover is removable and washable.


Many mattress covers are quilted with a moisture-regulating and breathable climate fleece. You get a dry, warm and healthy sleeping environment. Foam mattresses in particular should have a quilted cover to avoid a warm and humid sleeping environment. In addition, quilted covers have a soft upholstery effect, which increases the comfort even further.
Quilted covers are often not suitable for washing machines. That is why washable allergy-free covers are mostly unstitched. If a cover is covered with a lot of stitching, it makes the lying surface a little firmer. The fewer stitching seams you see on the surface of the mattress cover, the better it can adapt to the mattress.


As an additional plus, some mattress covers offer a refinement of the cover material. This improves bed hygiene and prevents mite or bacterial infestation. Other finishes have positive effects on the skin. Below you will find a list of the best-known finishes and equipment:

Mites and molds like to nestle in cotton fabric. In the medicott® process, the cotton fibers are cleaned very thoroughly without the use of pesticides. Molds and mites are thus deprived of their breeding ground. With regular cleaning at 60 ° C in the washing machine, the Medicott equipment will last for several years.
The natural Greenfirst® finish (combination of lavender, lemon and eucalyptus) is an effective protection against dust mites, moths and bed bugs. In addition, it has a repellent effect against mosquitoes. The anti-mite effect withstands at least 30 household washes at 60 ° C.
In the Ylan-Ylang finishing, the mattress cover is treated with the flower extract of the Ylang-Ylang tree. Combined with high-quality oils, the perfume raw material has a balancing effect on the skin and prevents skin aging.
This is an antiviral and antibacterial finish. Aloe vera also has healing and anti-inflammatory effects on the skin.

An inseparable team when it comes to sleeping comfort

The mattress cover and the mattress core form a team, so to speak, which can only guarantee perfect lying comfort if they work together. If the core is very elastic at points, the cover should also be very elastic. If you are allergic to house dust, the best mattress is of no use if you cannot wash the cover. If you sweat quickly, you will not sleep well – unless the cover ensures a warm and dry bed climate. When buying a mattress, you should also focus on the cover and opt for a coherent overall package of mattress core and cover.

Different mattress covers