Dita Von Teese – Dita Von Teese Can Not Stand the ‘Egal’ look

(Cover) – DE Showbiz – Burlesque dancer Dita Von Teese (37) never leaves the house without wearing a glamorous ‘vintage’ outfit, heel shoes and full facial make-up. The nude model does not expect everyone to look like themselves, but they can no longer see the disorganized look popular with stars like the twins Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen (23).

“It’s okay if someone does not want to wear underwear to go out, but this whole disorganized ‘look’ look, where people have spent five hours trying to dress up to look like they can not care I just do not, “the erotic dancer in the Australian radiosend ‘Kyle and Jackie O’.

“Although I am a big fan of the evening gown of Mary-Kate and Ashley, this casual look with which they are going to get a coffee, and for people wanting to pay money to get him, I can not get off!”

When it comes to her own style, the stage star confesses that she always adheres to “a strange set of personal rules.” While she does not mind standing almost naked on the stage, she deliberately shows herself to be modest in her everyday life That no one can forgive her, she would look cheap.

“I have a strange set of rules for myself,” the artist explained. “On the stage I feel puddle to have almost nothing, but I have rules in my normal life, the hem always has to go down to my knees, these are things that may not make sense for other people, but they are my personal ones Rules. ” (C) Cover Media