Do It Yourself: a Desktop Organizer’s Style Vintage

I do not know if you you think, but one of the spaces of the House where more I can get the order is in the Desktop. It is also true that the Studio is the place where the more hours pass and the truth (putting in plan confession) is that I concentrate more if various objects that exist on the table are not perfectly prepared, although it is desirable that all is well-ordered or, at least, in an apparent order. For this reason, a Desk Organizer It is one of the pieces which should not miss on the table of study or work.

Today I want to show you how to, in a very simple way and for very little money, a desktop organizer of vintage style. To do this we will use one of the most characteristic IKEA pieces, the chest of drawers Moppe, whose untreated wood finish really Birch plywood, makes it especially suitable for our purpose. Also will need a coloring (e.g. “stain”) to give an appearance aged wood and some kind of oil (which is called “Danish oil”) for the finish.

To achieve that the organizer has the appearance of the first picture, we must give it back to crates, i.e., in the original part is the front (with those notches at the top) at our will be back. This is because we use a old style handles (typical of the office of the old cabinets), what is going to reinforce the vintage look of the Organizer. It is a piece that, whatever the style of your study will give a touch of elegance and warmth. What do you think?