DonA Hippolyta: Cloths of Shop to a Charming Coffee Vintage

In Decoesfera love spaces with soul, spaces care in which you sit comfortably to take a coffee and a cake, and it is so at ease that it does not want you out of there. Spaces as Doña Hippolyta, a cafe that opened its doors a few months ago in Zaragoza in the local that it occupied for decades old cloths shop in the old part of the capital of Aragon.

In fact, if you are in Zaragoza, or if you have visited any of the monuments of the Plaza de San Felipe, sure sounding you cloths Sesma. A former cloth store that attracted attention with its windows and its beautiful outdoor lamps. Now Luckily, after many years closed, This space has returned to life after a renovation that has preserved the spirit of the local Thanks to the restoration of part of its architecture, and the careful selection of objects and vintage furniture that become a sort of Museum to Doña Hippolyta.

Input, need to know that Doña Hippolyta opens its doors in the ground floor of a building dating back to the year 1822, a date that already opened there a shop cloths, activity that remained there for generations and generations, until the end that led to the local to remain several years left. An abandonment that has just ended after the reform that has been hand Isidro, the owner of the new coffee.

When he entered the room, Isidro proposed is retrieve the identity of the local in origin by removing layers of successive reforms, to try to recover its essence. In the photo you can see the State in which it was the crazy, with suspended ceilings, green carpet on the floor, pillars in theory work…

Little by little, it was by removing items that are disturbing you. So, bringing down the ceiling appeared vaults we can see now. To raise the floor, was that wonderful 180 years of history with original wood flooring behind him and that was sanded by hand with brush of pinned to not smash.

Under the lining of the columns, appeared the original wrought iron columns (inexplicably, must see that passion in Zaragoza to make disappear the forging of the view columns). In the process, in addition to retrieving items that were not in sight as those already described, also be bet’s determination to recover all the original elements that could be exploited, readapting them to the new situation.

For example, enter anything else, the attention cabinets that preside over the local; some cabinets that were already in the shop and that they have been adapted to fit inside, for example, coffee machines. Lamps vintage that had in the local, and could see for example in the image of the original state of the local pillars, were repaired and placed on the walls.

Also it opted to maintain other original features such as the windows. A decision that no doubt has been a success, since in addition to being beautiful and allow the passage of light to the interior, also lets us see, while you take a cup of coffee, the plaza and monuments as the Renaissance Argillo Palace, or the Baroque church of San Felipe. Also retained the old safe shop cloths, a jewel made in 1947 by Olle coffers and that now looks at the sight of all.

To complete the atmosphere, it was decided to furnish the room with furniture and objects according to the aesthetics of the coffee. Among them, for example, are some seats of the old cinema Mola de Zaragoza that you are even still rank 6 veneer.

Or a precious from antique stores the cyclone more than a hundred years counter, or lamps of the 1960s that exist on this counter, as well as a popourri of tables and chairs of different origin, with examples such as a night light nice recovered from the twenties, or furniture designed by themselves, as one fabricated low table with an old door, or a high table that has been manufactured reusing an old Foundation Averly worktable.

Com see, a coffee full of charm and objects with great history that even the ancient samples of fabric have been tapped to design the cards you offer to your customers. Do you dare to discover everything you’ve shown live?