Dresscode: All Rules at a Glance

In the T-shirt in the office, in white on the wedding – dresscode traps lurk everywhere. An overview of all dress codes from exotic to everyday can be found here.

For every occasion the right outfit: what is hidden behind Dresscode terms like Black or White Tie, reads with us.

We throw crooked glances at the colleague in too short shorts and blaspheme the shortest dress on weddings. Dress codes are ubiquitous. However, the fewest we can see at first glance. Whoever thinks only nobles and the upper tenth thousand are bothering with the problem of the dress code, is wrong. Even if today’s fashion is much possible – classic dress codes have by no means disappeared. So you do not tap into the fashion trap. Here is a dress code guide for every occasion.

Dress codes from A – Z

Dresscode: Cocktail

The name reveals it, here needs a cocktail outfit. Cocktail requires a well-groomed appearance and is not an invitation for the mini dress in beach optics.

Where’s worn ?: receptions, fashion events, openings

Best choice for women cocktail dress in pastel with high heels and discreet jewelry. Alternatively: silk patterned pants, with a sophisticated top and high shoes.

Best choice for men: Stylish shirt with suit trousers and neat shoes is a must in this dress code. A tie is not necessarily necessary if the overall impression is correct.

Attire gaffe: Too short, too cheap to causal – although the dress code cocktail no long evening dress is required, elegant and restrained the outfit still should be. Mens no wise choice: Sneaker!

Dresscode: Come as you are

Do not mess up and wear what you like. However, do it with style! A difficult dresscode because you are fast over- or underdressed.

Where’s worn ?: birthdays, barbecues, garden parties

Best choice for women: A silk blouse with jeans, heels and Cardigan – noble in caramel and beige. Young women can Wedges and at this Dress code Dress in vintage style cat-eye makeup wear.

Best choice for men: A modern cut shirt with jeans and desert boots. A simple retro watch makes the look cool.

Attire gaffe: It is much welcome, but not all. Gammel outfits are never sociable, but also to overdressed one makes oneself ridiculous. Who wants to stand in the plateau on the grill. No-Go! For men there are hardly any restrictions.

Dresscode: Black Tie

It becomes festive, because the Dresscode Black Tie is anything but everyday. It means: A long evening dress is duty, men wear tuxedo with fly.

Where is it borne? : Receptions, weddings, honors, balls

Synonym: Black Tie optional, here can also be dispensed with the fly.

Best choice for women evening dress in the Empire style, large earrings in combination with fine curls or waves.

Best choice for men: For men there are in this Drescode enig leeway tuxedo and black bow tie are required.

Attire gaffe: Ties are not allowed, is the biggest faux pas in women to look like a living Christmas tree. Do not overload with jewelery.

Dresscode: White Tie

Congratulations, you made it to the High Society! Here elegance is the top principle and good manners just as important as the outfit.

Where is it borne?: Festspiele, Staatfepfange, premieres, military honors

Best choice for women: designer robe with diamante, restrained jewelry, if you like it quite noble velvet stole.

Best choice for men: this dress code is also strictly regulated. Only a white fly and a tuxedo are appropriate.

Attire gaffe: Here the list is long, it is best to be ran the professional and gets help from a stylist.

Dresscode: Casual

(Fast) everything is allowed – jeans, skirt, fashion jewelry! A dresscode especially for creative professions. Dresscode Casual can be experimented with.

Where is it borne? : Creative industry, self-employed

Synonym: Smart Casual, is a bit more severe than casual. Leisure clothing is okay, but in muted colors.

Best choice for women: Kimono in Asia-trend, jeans and sandals. Even sneakers are allowed as long as they look well-groomed. At Dresscode “Smart Casual” prefer to choose jeans in dark colors and use classics – for example a twin set.

Best choice for men: Denim Shirt Chino and sneakers in black or gray. As an icing on the cake, a pair of glasses in horn optics.

Attire gaffe: Do not overdo it! Transparent tops and shorts are not fit for office, no matter how young and dynamic the company is.

Dresscode: Business Casual

This is the motto: “No Jeans, no tie”. This dress code is not easy, because it oscillates between serious and casual.

Synonym: Day formally

Where is it borne? Business trips, casual company dinners

Best choice for women : an alternative to costume is a black pleated pants with bow blouse and brogues. Also in the summer an airy version of the classic business look.

Best choice for men: suit without a tie, held in classic black in dark blue.

Attire faux pas: The dress code sounds like leisure outfit, jeans and Co are however inappropriate.

Dresscode: Business

The Dresscode Business leaves little room for maneuver. For many corporations a formal, reserved wardrobe is called for.

Where is it borne? Chefetage, bank, insurance

Best choice for women: show, despite all conventions courage. Wear business outfits with refined cuts. For example: blazer without lapel and blouses in the 40’s trend. Discreet Office makeup to finish and is the office look!

Best choice for men: A high quality suit should at this Dress Code be best in classic black. The necktie should be made of silk and should be a color accent.

Attire gaffe: For casual workwear make a bad impression on the boss. It is best to do without experiments.

Exceptional dress codes

Some of the dress codes are actually reserved for only a few exceptions. For example, the dress code is “Cut / Cut”, the horse racing and royal marriages valid. Here men have to wear gray vests to striped or checkered trousers. For ladies hat is mandatory, but only to a certain radius. There is also a time limit, after 5 pm the “cut / cut dress” is a faux pas and frowned upon.

Since you are directly glad that you usually flutter invitations for barbecue parties and dinner in the house. Without desciption, of course!

Teresa Harbeck is a fashion journalist and writes for Stylight. Teresa thought until recently that dress codes do not play an important role in their everyday life. On the wedding of a good friend, however, she quickly realized: A few rules must be adhered to in fashion already! The proof was provided by some wedding guests in terrible outfits.

What do you think of dress codes? Do you need general stylistic rules or is a clothing ordination just for nobles and presidents?