Emma Watson – Emma Watson Mourns for Remembrance Photos

(BANG) – Emma Watson’s photos of the ‘Harry Potter’ set were ruined.
The 20-year-old actress, known as Hermione Granger from the popular film series, decided to capture the last days of the filming on old-fashioned film – which she regretted in retrospect.
She says, “I am in these second-hand Kameraladen and a nice gentleman persuaded me that I need an old black-and-white camera. I realized that I have not taken any photos in the last ten years, so I have annoyed all this time. ” 

Although she needed ten minutes to shoot a photo, because of the complicated technique of her antiquarian achievement, she could capture a few snapshots of the set and her co-stars. When the images were developed, however, it was a disaster: “The girl who helped me develop the film switched on the light in the darkroom by mistake, ruining everything, which took me three days “, Reveals the British, who recently has a sweet short haircut.
From vintage photography, Watson is no longer keeping up with the latest digital cameras and image processing programs. “Forget the cool artifacts of old film cameras, that’s crap, digital cameras and Photoshop are the future!” She says.
On the screen, Watson will be back in November when the first installment of the last book ‘Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows’ appears in theaters. The following and overall final film is scheduled for July next year. (C) BANG Media International