Emma Watson Interview, Part Two “I Adore Karl”

You are now called a fashion icon. Which style do you like most?

I am a typical London girl who tries to give the gray weather of our capital a crazy, varied clothing style. I mix quite normal street clothes with high-fashion pieces, besides, I love old vintage things. My mother is very fashion conscious, I learned a lot from her.

Is Kate Moss a stylicone for you?

Sure, the woman is great. Her style is unmistakable and fits wonderfully to her. You can see that she does not have a stylist but simply dresses as she wants. People probably admire it because it defends itself against the totally overpowered system, which has already completely seized in the USA. In Hollywood, everyone has a stylist who cares about what you should wear when. I think that one is giving up a piece of his personality, because clothes always say something about yourself.

Chanel has recently voted you to brand new face. Does Karl Lagerfeld sometimes take you personally?

Yes, if Karl gives me moderators, then I just have to listen, no question. I admire, yes, idolize him. When you meet him, you immediately realize why he made it to the top of the fashion industry. Because he is not only damn talented, but still works incredibly hard.

A perfect look is essential in your job. How do you deal with the slenderness, which assumes an increasing extent?

You have to be very, very thin in my job. I personally find too slim girls not particularly pretty and do not allow me to go crazy from this trend either. I eat decently and I can be lucky to be built somewhat narrower by nature.

Do you have a Favourite meal?

Chocolate! For this reason alone, I could never fall for the slenderness because I love to cook myself and to sit with friends with a nice meal. Raspberry cake and pasta succeed very well. I must have inherited this talent from my father because my mother is really miserable. (Laughs)

Can you deal with the pressure of the industry now?

Oh, I’ve gone through the hard school of the “Harry Potter” machine. So do not worry: I can handle the things that come to me.

What is the most beautiful advantage that the familiarity brings with it, what is the main drawback?

The fact that I can put a six-year-old fan into the greatest state of happiness with a single handshake is something eerily beautiful. It’s great how little effort it costs me to sweeten someone with a little gesture the day. I feel it as a great privilege to be in this position. Unfortunately, this public position also means that I am often criticized very severely and my private life is no longer protected by the media. You have to develop a very robust attitude to avoid being completely unsettled.

How can you build a solid relationship with a partner in such a position?

This is not easy. Relations are already complicated enough without the media interest. Fortunately, I had never had to deal with fraud and betrayal in the media center.

Is it true that you now have a friend from Australia?

No. He’s a damn good friend of mine, but not my partner.

How do you know who you can still trust?

I have developed with the years a very good stomach feeling and now notice quite quickly, who is honest with me. Fortunately you can still find people with a white waistcoat.

Have you become very skeptical?

No. I am firmly convinced that every one of his own happiness is a blacksmith.