Eric Daman Stylizes the Gossip Girls – The Guru of the Gossip Girls

Leighton Meester (right) and the other Gossip Girls wear Eric Daman on their hands.

His tips are worth millions: Star-stylist Eric Daman has made style icons from the Gossip Girls. knows his tricks.

Yesterday at noon in New York City: Leighton Meester and Blake Lively play at the “Gossip Girl” movie set, right at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Blake is wearing a fuchsia-colored XXL-top and an ultrakurzen Stretchmini, Leighton a knielanges stripe dress. Next week will be precisely these parts trend. Why? Because Eric Daman and his 25-piece styling team leave nothing to chance. Every single look fits perfectly, every “Gossip Girl” meets its style. Leighton Meester aka Blair Waldof is wearing the Upper East Side Look, while Eric Daman sets the stage for serials, Blake Lively, as Serena Williams, on figurative vintage pieces.
The perfect mix
Eric Daman knows what he wants. Already at the serial set to “Sex and the City” he was the right hand of Patricia Field, before he worked long as a model – also together with Kate Moss. The Gossip Girls owe their flair to style to their reputation as “New York Style Icons”. How he does it? “I am embarrassed to see that I am mixing luxury looks with ‘normal’ brands, and you will always see a 5,000-dollar dress combined with cheap shoes,” the star stylist told the online service “WWD.”
Here is Eric Daman
Where is he shopping the trend parts? “We’re going to Henri Bendel, Intermix, and we’ve got clothes from Phillip Lim, Alexander Wang, Rag & Bone, Lodendager, Vena Kava, Ralph Lauren, and H & M and big department stores, and I love the tights and ‘ Blairs’ hairbars I get from, for example, Cara Couture, “says Eric to” our site. ”
I am the boss!
The style of the Gossip Girls is by the way so legendary, that bodyguards always appear on the set, the expensive jewels of the large jewelery labels deliver. But Daman does not get bribed, even by the girls themselves. “Blake and Leighton are very fond of mixing, but they also know that I am here to create their characters and continue to spin.”