“Federica and Co”, a Concept Store or The Paradise?

The other day, walking through the neighborhood of Salamanca, suddenly went ahead of a doorway – those who have the good houses in this area, with passage of carriages. The Fund would be guessed a Garden lush, in the midst of which highlighted a curdled Fuchsia flower fountain. Such was the beautand and tranquility He radiated the place, I went on tiptoe to browse a little.

As I was going along a pavement of paving stones, flanked band a wall of Ivy It seemed to not finish ever, it was seeing spread, to right and left, seats vintage in white canvas, that yellowing by having been exposed to the Sun for many summers, mixed with chairs wood, large pots of Hortensias and one beautiful daisies on top of a Chair of forging aged, or was it a truck?

Behind a large glass, and from a wooden bar, I saw a girl with flair that lit candles spread by what appeared to be a large open space, crowded room objects.

On the right, just before entering, there was a Casita wood, those prefabricated, whose door and window hung the most varied things and colorful fits imagine: necklaces, bags, shirts, jackets, etc. Everything seemed to be done handmade, except some slippers, placed very funny way in a wooden ladder rungs, that “stank” to Missoni.

Was still asking me what painted a Missoni in that place, when discovered, seated half hidden behind a Bush, to Dana Alikhani and a Tatiana Santo Domingo gobbled a huge sandwich. Then, I fell into the account that had ended up in the territory of the Muzungu Sisters.

I greeted them and gave them the congratulations for having assembled her snack bar somewhere so magical. Theand answered me, very friendly, as they could (taking into account that they were chewing to two cheeks). Who I was going to say to my who were in Madrid to collect the prize! “Solidarity fashion” It gave them the magazine Telva that same evening and, most importantly of all, that it could have been one of the first to learn that Tatiana was very pregnant! Although, in honor of the truth, I didn’t realise, because no rose…

Seeking respect what remained to them of privacy, I went into the store. I was immediately teletransportada to the Provence French. Drew me much attention the restoration of what looked like two seats together, halfway between a lounger and a “you and I”.

With a big smile and a surprisingly husky voice, the stylish girl asked me if I could help. When I told him who he was, advised me that I directed at the other end of the room where, in front of a sophisticated and modern kitchen Metallized, Carmen Quintana, responsible for communication of “Federica and Co”, seemed very busy behind your laptop.

“Federica and Co” is a concept store, the first of which opened in Madrid. A very special space capable of combine in one same several premises shops different styles)Mimoki, Ana Corsini, Sister Jane, Yellow Stone), United only by the good taste and by Federica Barbanelli -the soul of this place-, an Italian raised in France who ended up living in Spain where he married. Clear that noblesse oblige! as the mother of Federica has a store of antiques in the street called Ayala Roman.

Federica boutique you can find furniture “antiques”, Swedish gustavianos, or French of the 19th century, furniture and furnishing “vintage” with great patina and taste, and modern and sophisticated objects belonging to the Danish brands Madam Stoltz o Bloomingville.

From Monday to Thursday, from 8: 30 p.m. to 00: 30 p.m., Federica also gives classes cooking for amateurs and beginners. Seasonal cuisine, Inspired Italian and French, with unique ingredients of each season that are bought on a daily basis. The maximum number of students admitting class are seven. After learning how to cook two dishes and dessert, accompanied by Federica students dine ending develop while enjoying a wine tasting.

Andreas Kubach is an expert winemaker, CEO of the company “The Flying Cow”, that just attach to “Federica and Co”, committed to inform the Spanish a selection of wines from quality of South Africa and New Zealand.

If you’re looking for a special place to celebrate your birthday, your bachelorette party, or the Christmas meal of the company, and we are many (maximum twelve people), “Federica and Co”, concept store or paradise, is the answer.