For Shopping Queens: the Top 5 of the Styleguides

What is Style, who has it and how to get it – the style books from bü show that it is above all important to develop an awareness of the real.

You want to find your own style? Then you are exactly right here. With these books you will soon know exactly which clothes fit you and which is not.

What is really important to us when it comes to styling? Valuable Ratgerbertipps – entertaining, easy and stylish – now with and our site.

In this style guide Irma, a well-traveled trendsetter, reveals very personal tips and secrets on fashion, beauty, travel and lifestyle. Author Jasmin Khezri works for magazines in Germany, Great Britain, France, USA and Japan.

Now she has written this Styleguide for young women. This is an interesting and entertaining book with many tips and suggestions. The book also offers some blank pages, where you can collect outfits and ideas. So you can be inspired!

This Mama Styleguide is meant to inspire pregnant women and mothers to their own personal style: whether at home, in the playground or for a visit to the pediatrician. The beginning is made up of 20 mothers’ portraits – with many familiar faces from Mama Blogs. Categories include mummy fashion (mothers’ clothing and beauty tips for mothers) and mama’s world (from shopping to long-distance travel).

They are all mothers who are not only distinguished by their good style, but are credible and motivating examples of how to combine work, the child and one’s own ego.

The Australian fashion author Anna Johnson shows how to always look smart without spending a lot of money. In her book, she gives a lot of tips and tricks on how to design a life with style without spending a fortune. With great vintage clothes, self-made details for the apartment, flea market treasures or cheap accommodation is the best.

The entertaining and loosely written book is thus not a conventional guidebook, but actually the author’s memoirs, which here tell all those who do not have much money on the high edge, “how you are able to benefit from economy with clever tricks “.

Dr. Jennifer Baumgartner reveals what is really behind the habit of clothing and shows solutions for (almost) every kind of stilemma. If you only expect styling tips in this Styleguide, you will be disappointed: this is much more. The author is a psychologist and therefore also illuminates the hidden reasons for our clothes.

Baumgartner describes Baumgartner as “classical” – for example, those who are too old or too young for their age. Numerous checklists and questions encourage us to reflect on our own buying habits. Show me your wardrobe and I’ll tell you who you are: Here you come to self-knowledge with style.

A very amusing styleguide: Wolfgang Joop obviously lives class and good taste – in his work, in his creations and in his appearance. For many years he has worked with models, designers and stylists and knows all the small and great secrets around fashion and beauty. So who would be better suited to show what makes beauty and elegance?

Joop shows by hand very different international celebrities and it-girls with humor, which makes these women a model in terms of style and fashion. It does not matter to be perfect, but to emphasize his own personality and, above all, skillfully put into the scene. His illustrations illustrate the text. All in all, this is the perfect instruction for how to find your own style!