Furnishing and Designing Bedrooms for Students Part II

Furnishing and Designing Bedrooms for Students Part II

Type of bed

When furnishing a small student bedroom, the type of bed and its color can have a major impact on the effect of the room. A high box spring bed with a voluminous headboard or a striking solid wood bed with a massive beam construction will always dominate a small room and can quickly trigger a “overwhelming” effect. Beds in a very dark color are also characterized by a very strong presence and can thus also affect the overall atmosphere in the cramped space.

Think about what is important to you in your bed: Would you like a functional bed or storage bed that, in addition to being used as a bed, can also be used to store or store, for example, blankets or seasonal clothing? Do you prefer a bed that is as unobtrusive as possible and that enriches and positively influences the room with a certain lightness? Is your bedroom in the student apartment not only small, but also poorly designed due to the sloping ceiling, so that a bed without a headboard is the best solution for you? Despite the limited space, do you definitely want a bed with a box spring system because you are convinced of the special comfort of this type of bed?

Beds solutions – ideas for student bedrooms

Based on the various questions from the last paragraph, we have put together different bed solutions for student bedrooms below:

Sleeping on another level: loft beds for student bedrooms

If the bedroom in the student apartment offers little space but a lot of ceiling height, you can make clever use of this when furnishing and move your sleeping space to another level in the room, so that the existing floor space is used twice. This can be done easily and optimally with a self-made or purchased loft bed.

Loft bed “Kids Town”
Very space-saving white loft bed made of MDF for teenagers and young adults with a straight ladder, with a lying area of ​​90 × 200 cm, 120 × 200 cm or 140 × 200 cm. Matching additional furniture such as a desk top, chests of drawers and hanging shelves are optionally available.

Functional beds / storage beds – furnishings with added value for student bedrooms

If there is only little space available in the bedroom, but many things are to be accommodated in the bedroom, the choice of a functional bed or storage space bed is recommended. With beds of this kind, the space available under the lying surface is not “given away”, but made usable, for example, by means of a bed box or bed drawer. With this bed solution, the often massive appearance due to the usually completely closed or floor-to-ceiling bed frame can be visually somewhat disadvantageous.

Drawer bed “Denmark”
Solid wood single bed in the size 90x200cm with two drawers, in pine or beech heartwood – a total of three designs to choose from. Thanks to the bunk shape with cushions, it can also be used as a seat during the day.

Drawer bed “Norway”
Available in three widths (160cm, 180cm, 200cm – in 200cm or 210cm length) solid wood drawer double bed (pine or beech heartwood, a total of three variants), low headboard, four drawers – a practical, space-saving one is optional Suspended bedside table can be ordered.

“Cremona” bed
Classic upholstered bed with a highly comfortable headboard solution with adjustable pillows and storage space in the bed box, which is accessible from the foot end of the bed by raising the slatted frame. With microfibre velor cover in 14 colors in the range, as a single or double bed in six widths – each in standard length, in short 190cm and overlength 210cm).

box bed Upholstered bed for two people in the appearance of a box spring bed, is supplied as a complete sleeping system including mattress and topper, has two bed boxes that are accessible from the side. With fabric cover in two colors, only available in the size 180x200cm.

“Quebo” bed Partially
solid double bed in oak with a closing footboard, modern country house style, has storage space in the headboard. Available in widths of 180cm and 200cm – each with a standard length of 200cm, a short length of 190cm and an extra length of 210cm and 220cm. The ideal solution if you want more storage space without having to bend down. Since the bed frame is at a distance from the floor (ground clearance), it looks more relaxed.

Beds that loosen up the atmosphere in small bedrooms

When choosing a bed for your small student bedroom, you can also consciously choose a model that is designed to be “unobtrusive” due to its structural and color design and thus makes a contribution to a pleasant living environment with a certain ease.

“Antia” bed The “Antia” bed, available
in widths of 140cm, 160cm, 180cm and 200cm (each with a standard length of 200cm and extra lengths of 210cm and 220cm), is characterized in particular by the fact that it is equipped with castors instead of bed legs. If necessary, it can be moved easily and flexibly in the student bedroom. In terms of color, the high-quality bed model is available in many decor variants. The practical bed drawer, as well as the headboard pillow and the headboard lights, can be purchased separately.

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