Furnishing and Designing Bedrooms for Students Part III

Furnishing and Designing Bedrooms for Students Part III

Bed “Cesena”
Unusual design bed in two-tone design (artificial leather and decor – five combinations), which is given a floating look thanks to the inwardly offset bed legs on crossbars. Available in all standard widths from 90cm to 200cm – each in a standard length of 200cm and in excess lengths of 210cm and 220cm.

“Novara” bed
The modern futon bed is ideal, among other things, for furnishing bedrooms with low ceiling heights. You can choose from a wide range of decor variants and all standard formats (90cm to 200cm width – also in excess lengths of 210cm / 200cm).

Beds for bedrooms with sloping ceilings

If the bedroom in your student apartment is not only relatively small, but also has one or more sloping ceilings as an additional obstacle to the furnishings, beds without a headboard are ideal for optimal use of the space. A “remnant” of a straight wall (knee stick or jamb / trampoline) usually remains under the incline or under the incline, which can be used as an installation location if you select a height-coordinated bed model without a headboard. If there is a piece of knee-high above the bed, it can also be provided with a self-made “mini wall panel” as a decorative wall protection. Of course, you can also use foam and cover it with fabric or synthetic leather, so that you can comfortably follow it.

Lounger “Sogno”
Low bed at futon height without headboard made of beech wood or heart beech wood (solid – a total of six color variants available), bed legs strikingly rectangular made of stainless steel, brushed. Entry height lowered (bed frame height: 26cm). On offer in all standard widths from 90cm to 200cm – each in three lengths: 200cm, 210cm or 220cm.

Box spring beds for smaller bedrooms in student apartments

Box spring beds are trendy when it comes to the most comfortable bedroom furnishings possible. These beds have the advantage that they are usually supplied as a complete sleeping system with a spring base (box spring) and mattress, as well as a thin topper or a thin top mattress (more information: Everything you need to know about the topper ). Due to the design, box spring beds are usually significantly higher than normal beds, which is why they often look very bulky. However, there are also models that are very suitable for furnishing smaller bedrooms in student apartments.

Box spring bed “Ferryland”
This bed is available in two different heights (lying heights) in standard sizes from 100x200cm to 200x200cm (53cm / 66cm), three variants for the cover material in a total of 19 colors to choose from. With a light color scheme and a low design, it is also perfect for small rooms. The box spring system can be adapted in many ways for individually tailored comfort.

Box spring bed “Athens”
Inexpensive box spring bed without headboard in white or black, is supplied as standard without topper, in 100cm, 140cm, 160cm, 180cm or 200cm width – each in standard length – 200cm available. Box spring system with three different mattresses, each with two degrees of firmness, for optimal adaptation to your own reclining needs.

Sitting and sleeping combined: sofa beds and upholstered loungers for student rooms

If a one-room apartment or a student room in a shared apartment needs to be furnished appropriately and comfortably, you can also do without a bed entirely and instead opt for a suitable sofa bed or an upholstered lounger. Such furniture offers equally good sitting and sleeping or lying comfort. With the purchase of a piece of furniture you get a place to sleep and a seat at the same time.

“Derby” sofa
bed Extremely high-quality sofa bed with spring core upholstery, two types of fabric / colors to choose from, converted into a bed, it offers a comfortable sleeping area of ​​140x200cm. A cloth can be attached to the frame to store the blanket and pillow (included).

Studio lounger “Graziano”
Modern studio lounger with adjustable headrest, optionally with plexiglass shelf, available in various designs (with / without mattress or fixed upholstery, headboard left / right, fully fabric-covered), two-tone in five variants, with a lying area of ​​90x200cm or 90x210cm on offer – always with a practical bed box.

Studio couch “Kamina”
Inexpensive sleeping and seating options in 14 color variants (velor fabric), in two heights – each in 90x200cm, 100x200cm or 120x200cm, various designs (side panel left / right, with / without mattress or fixed upholstery) – always with a functional bed box .

Excursus: Interior design of bedrooms for students or student rooms

In addition to the selection of furniture for the student bedroom or apartment, the basic room design is also very important. As is generally known, colors influence our mood, which is why the choice of colors when designing and furnishing the room is of great importance when it comes to making us feel good. In addition, colors can do a lot more for us, as they can change the appearance of the room’s proportions. A light color scheme makes rooms appear airy and light and gives us a feeling of space. On the other hand, warm colors ensure that rooms appear smaller, but also more cozy, which is why we usually feel safe and in good hands there.

“How do I paint a small bedroom?” Is the question that arises after reading the previous paragraph. If you choose a dark color for more cosiness and accept that the bedroom in the student apartment may look significantly smaller or if you choose light colors, you benefit from the feeling of space and compromise when it comes to security ? Unfortunately, this is not an easy answer to answer. For this reason, we will go even further in the following and explain the options that are available to you for room design and shaping the room effect.

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