Furnishing and Designing Bedrooms for Students Part V

Furnishing and Designing Bedrooms for Students Part V

Closets for student bedrooms

As mentioned earlier in this article, the bedroom is usually not only used for sleeping, but also for storing clothes. A wardrobe is usually set up for this purpose. Since the space for this in the student apartment or in the shared room is usually very limited, it is not possible to choose a wardrobe with six or more revolving doors for a large amount of storage space.

Functional wardrobes for student bedrooms

The necessary size of the wardrobe depends on the size of the wardrobe that should be neatly stowed in it. Of course, the space available for the cabinet also plays a role in the selection. Cabinets with sliding doors or sliding doors, for example, save space because you don’t have to plan additional space for opening the doors. However, these cupboards are usually a little deeper than normal wardrobes with revolving doors. If the depth in the student bedroom stands in the way of setting up a regular wardrobe for storing clothes, it is worthwhile to take a look at a bathroom furniture or hall furniture exhibition.

Functional wardrobe “Aradeo”
135cm wide wardrobe with three doors and three drawers, made of chipboard in the alpine white decor, 58cm deep and 210cm high – optionally with or without a mirror in the middle door.

Wardrobe with
hinged doors “Geneva” Solid wood wardrobe made of white lacquered solid pine, 140.2 cm wide, three doors and three drawers, with a mirror in the middle door – 55 cm deep and 1.90 cm high.

Sliding door cabinet “Laramie” Space-saving cabinet with sliding doors made of wood-based material in alpine white decor – 2-door, 3-door or 4-door with a width of 1.50 m to 4.00 m, height optionally 217 cm or 236 cm, 67 cm deep.

Chests of drawers as a supplement or replacement for a wardrobe in the student apartment

If there is only space for a small wardrobe in the student room or in the bedroom of the student apartment or if there is no space for a larger closet at all, it is advisable to purchase one or more chests of drawers to keep clothes, linen and possibly other things invisible to the viewer and neatly stowed away.

Combination chest of drawers “Tramonti”
Inexpensive combination chest of drawers with two generous cupboards and five drawers, alpine white decor, optionally in 139cm or 162cm width, 92cm high and 41cm deep.

“Calimera” chest of drawers
The 93 cm wide version of this chest of drawers offers you plenty of storage space in a total of eight drawers. It is held in neutral alpine white decor and has a height of 86cm and a depth of 42cm. The chest of drawers is also available in other widths / designs. We also have a matching combination chest of drawers and cupboard chest of drawers ready for you.

Living ideas: how to make bedrooms cozy for students

“Form follows function” (in German mostly translated as “The form follows the function” – abbreviated as “FFF”) is a design principle that is used in particular in architecture and product design. In principle, the point is that the shape or external form of an object should be derived from its function. Accordingly, one concentrates primarily on the functional aspect and only secondarily takes the shape or form into account. When furnishing a bedroom for students or a small student room or a one-room student apartment, there is often no other choice than to focus first on the function of the room. Comfort can quickly fall by the wayside: bed, bedside table and cupboard, for example, basically turn a room into a bedroom,

So that your student bedroom or student room is not only functionally convincing, but also offers you and your guests a pleasant stay with a feel-good factor, you should also furnish and design your room with homely accessories.

For example, treat yourself to a nice, cozy armchair or an attractive rug. Beautify the walls in the room with selected pictures and create interesting islands of light with cleverly placed floor, wall or table lamps. You should also be wasteful with home textiles such as pillows or plaids. Don’t forget about the window decorations in your student room or bedroom. – With floor-length, loosely and flowing curtains you can “conjure up” extra comfort in the room.

If a very dominant bed sets the tone in your small bedroom and almost completely influences the spatial effect, design a wall in a strong color that you like. Then select your home accessories and textiles to match this wall or color. You will quickly notice how much the character of your room has changed as a result.

Does your bedroom seem too objective and neutral to you? Then you supplement the current, little informative furnishings with (small) furniture and decorative objects with a “clear language” – in other words: in a clear style. With little effort you can, for example, give your student room a natural, modern or country-style touch.

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