Great Autumn Decoration Ideas with Flowers

Great Autumn Decoration Ideas with Flowers

The most beautiful autumn flowers

The sunflowers are wilting, it’s getting a little colder and the first leaves are turning colorful – autumn slowly begins from mid-September. Blooming fall flowers are both a feast for the eyes and a feast for the bees in the fall, helping our buzzing friends survive the winter. In combination with the colorful foliage of the trees, a great color spectacle is created in the garden. In this blog article we introduce you to the most beautiful autumn flowers, as well as some great autumn decoration ideas for your home.

Autumn Asters – Purple Bee Willow

Countless cute flowers with yellow stamens: the aster delights us with its great flowers. Open-flowering, it is a great bee pasture in the garden. The beautiful autumn asters begin to bloom in late August and early September. Autumn asters are available in different height-growing varieties and are therefore suitable both as bedding plants and as garden decorations in pots or balcony boxes. The majority of asters are perennials, so asters in small pots and planters are best given new soil every year. Autumn asters come in colors such as purple, white and pink.

Decoration ideas with asters: Great autumn decorations for the entrance to the house

Autumn asters are a great flowery option as decoration for the entrance to the house outside. Either plant the pretty flowers directly in the front garden, or plant baskets to line the entrance stairs. Decorating old fruit crates is a great vintage garden decoration. To make the crates weatherproof, you should coat them with a weatherproof varnish and line them with pond liner or a thick garbage bag before planting them – this way the crates will last for several years. Autumn asters are suitable for indoor decoration as cut flowers in a vase, but aster plants do not feel particularly comfortable in warm temperatures in the long term.

Decorate with a Wall Clock

Decorating with a wall clock is a timeless way to add style and functionality to any room. Start by selecting a clock that complements your decor theme and color palette. Place it strategically on a prominent wall, such as above a mantel or sofa, ensuring it’s easily visible from various angles. Consider the scale of the clock in relation to the wall space for optimal visual impact. Surround it with complementary decor like wall art or shelving to create a cohesive look. Experiment with different arrangements until you achieve the perfect balance of function and aesthetics, ensuring the clock remains a focal point in the room.


Chrysanthemums come in an incredible variety of colors: white, yellow, orange, red, soft pink, bright pink, violet, salmon, with and without gradients. They are suitable as a flower in the garden as well as a popular cut flower in bouquets. However, only the garden chrysanthemums, which are also called winter asters, are hardy – you have to replant other varieties every year. Chrysanthemums with double flowers are useless for bees – they do not reach the stamens of the plants and do not get the nectar that is so important for them. It is best to plant at least one or two open-flowering bee plants next to double chrysanthemums.

Decoration with chrysanthemums

As already mentioned at the beginning, the chrysanthemum shines with an incredible variety of colors. As an autumnal outdoor decoration, you can line a garden path or the entrance stairs with different colored chrysanthemums in pots and planters – each step has a different color. In the house, this beautiful autumn flower is perfect as a cut flower in many different flower arrangements, but it also looks great on its own – for example in the vintage decorative jug, paired with a few pumpkins and burlap as an autumn decoration for the windowsill.

Dahlias – Versatile autumn flowers

Like the chrysanthemum, the dahlia impresses with an outstanding variety of colors. The beautiful flower comes in colors like white, yellow, orange, pink, pink, red, purple and also bicolor. The variety of shapes of dahlias is also impressive: from the pompom shape, open-flowering dahlias, to cactus dahlias, to anemone-flowered dahlias and many other variants, you have a wide range of different flower shapes. Depending on the variety, the beautiful flower blooms from June to autumn. However, dahlias are not winter hardy. Before the first frost in October, you should cut off the above-ground parts and store the root ball in a cool, dark place in the basement.

Decoration with dahlias: A grateful cut flower

If you plant dahlias, you almost always have a decorative cut flower on hand in summer and autumn. The beautiful dahlias produce even more new flowers after the flowers are cut off – a strong argument for dahlia decorations in the vase! The flower is perfect for homemade table decorations such as bouquets. These flowers also impress us as floating flowers in water-filled bowls. You can also make colorful flower garlands from the flowering plant, for example for a homemade birthday decoration. Baskets decorated with dahlias also look great as fall decorations. It’s best to make decorations with dahlias without water just before you use them, as the flowers only have a limited shelf life without water!

Chinese lantern flowers ( Physalis alkekengi )

The bright orange lantern flower is named because it is reminiscent of lanterns from Chinese culture. The nightshade plant is related to the edible Physalis, as well as tomatillo and tomato. The interesting part of the lantern flower is not the inconspicuous flower, but rather the seed capsule: in autumn, the previously green, parchment-like pods that protect the fruit inside turn bright orange and are incredibly decorative. The lantern flower can become a permanent garden resident – it sprouts again after frost.

Make autumn decorations with lantern flowers: make your own autumn wreath

When autumn finally arrives and your lantern flowers produce fruit, there are many great options for homemade autumn decorations and crafts. The lantern flower looks great in a vase, either alone, combined with eucalyptus, or in an opulent autumnal bouquet. The fruit stalks also look particularly great in autumn wreaths for the front door : Make a wreath out of grasses, twigs and wire and add lantern flowers and rose hips for a homemade autumn wreath.

Foxtail (Amaranth) – a diverse crop and ornamental plant in autumn

You may have already heard of foxtail in muesli under another name: amaranth! As a so-called pseudo-grain, the seeds of the foxtail are often used in muesli bars and bowls – the mostly magenta-colored flowers are an absolute eye-catcher in the garden! Amaranth microgreens often have an impressive color, perfect as an addition to a salad, as a topping for sandwiches, or in a healthy bowl; the leaves can be prepared like spinach. Amaranth is also popular as a food plant for songbirds. If you leave the plants standing for a while after October, the winged garden inhabitants will find a few tasty grains before winter.

Decoration ideas with amaranth: colorful autumn flowers, dried flower bouquets and door wreaths

The foxtail blooms rather late in the year, in late summer until October. At the beginning the inflorescences are light green, over time they change color to impressive red, yellow and purple tones; there are also variants with reddish-purple foliage. The classic amaranth is around one meter high and prefers to grow in beds, but there are now small foxtail varieties that can also be grown in pots and balcony boxes. The amaranth inflorescences can be used not only as a garden plant in autumn, but also as dried flowers and are used in autumn decorations in dried flower bouquets and decorative door wreaths.

Autumn heather

The heather gives an idea of ​​where it comes from: heathland landscapes. Heather comes in various varieties and the autumn heather still blooms when many other plants have long since given up. You can use heather to plant your beds as well as baskets and other planters. As a ericaceous plant, heather, like rhododendrons, azaleas, cranberries and blueberries, prefers acidic soil. However, peat soil has a pretty terrible biobalance – mining peat and draining the moors destroys habitats for endangered flora and fauna and releases CO² – not a good idea in times of climate change. For example, you can also acidify your soil with coffee grounds; you can find more ideas for acidic soil without peat at Plantopedia.

Autumn heather

Decoration with heather: decorate shabby chic and metal rings

The beautiful heather, for example, is available in various shades of pink, purple and white. Paired with shabby chic decorations such as small wooden boxes with shabby paint, nostalgic vintage lanterns and rustic decorations such as wooden discs with bark, the heather is a great addition to autumn and winter decorations. Heather is also suitable for making decorative wreaths and decorating metal rings with heather is a great idea for modern decoration.

Decoration with heather

Stonecrop ( Hylotelephium spectabile ) – hardy autumn flower

The succulent stonecrop is a hardy perennial that blooms in pink, red or white in autumn. The undemanding plant also grows in poor soils such as rock gardens. It also looks particularly great when planted in dark wicker baskets in autumn: a particularly great contrast is created between the bright, bluish-green leaves, the beautiful flowers and dark wood. The sedum is also popular as a food plant for bees.

Hylotelephium spectabile

Autumn decoration ideas with flowers : Make floral autumn decorations

Here we show you a few more ideas for homemade decorations for autumn with flowers.

Make your own colorful autumn bouquets

You can easily make your own bouquets with autumn flowers such as dahlias and chrysanthemums in the garden: eucalyptus leaves are used for this bouquet, which bring something elegant and modern to the arrangement with their blue-gray color. Arrange the flowers in stages so that the bouquet also looks attractive from the front and shorten the flower stems accordingly. Secure the bouquet with binding wire or tear-resistant string.

Make your own colorful autumn bouquets

Homemade table decoration: bouquet of flowers in a pumpkin as an autumn wedding decoration

With this autumnal table decoration, you hollow out a pumpkin and fill it with a colorful autumn bouquet of autumn flowers of your choice – the result is an impressive centerpiece – the dining table decoration – perfect as a decoration for autumn weddings or autumn birthdays. However, keep in mind that this pumpkin decoration should be moved outside after a few days, as the sweet pumpkin pulp magically attracts fruit flies – but you can still use the decorated pumpkin as an autumn decoration for the entrance to the house for a few days.

bouquet of flowers in a pumpkin as an autumn wedding decoration

Boho style in autumn: autumn wreath made of dried flowers

For this homemade boho decoration for fall you need an embroidery frame, a wooden ring or a metal ring, as well as yarn and dried flowers of your choice. Tie the yarn around the ring and simply insert the shortened dried flowers between the threads. This decorated ring fits both as an autumnal door wreath and as an autumnal boho wall decoration.

Boho style in autumn