Hache Restaurant, Ambient Vintage Rhythm of Jazz Outside The Royal Palace

For lovers of vintage, view brick decoration and good Mediterranean food, comes Hache restaurant. A restaurant located opposite the Royal Palace and the magical gardens of Sabatini in which never ceases to sound the jazz.

With your name, by invoking the letter H, they want to make clear the philosophy of space as a quiet, discreet and elegant aspiration, creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

Hache restaurant is located in the Central calle Bailén, and after the reform, have brought to light elements of the original architecture, such as brick, columns and original wooden beams.

To complete this casual atmosphere, furniture vintage, combined with lighting and music jazz of sounding background while you take the breakfast, lunch, dinner or a drink.

Regarding the food, Hache restaurant presents an elaborate letter on seasonal ingredients made with traditional techniques, although with an innovative touch to meat, fish, rice, tartar or Ceviche Super to leave next weekend plan!