Heroines of Comics Mimetised, by Art of Body Painting, in Authentic Works of Pop Art

Do you know to? Emma Hack? It is therefore, a German artist who lives in Australia, stylist profession, and specialized in a type of makeup called Body Painting -one of the earliest forms of artistic expression used by man since ancient times, allowing exposure of the naked body without arriving at attempt indecent assault.

Emma Hack who began painting models integrated into the decorative motifs of the wallpapers for the wall of vintage-inspired, could people become authentic unavailable chameleons capable of camouflage and disappear confused decorated with the.

As well, this artist has been evolving, influenced by the Pop Art, until joining the best of this art, with contemporary elements extracted from the bullets of the comics, with phrases prefabricated in the purest style Lichtenstein, to give life to a series which has come to be called (as it could not be otherwise) with the name of Pop!

The painting chosen for this series in question represents the garments that were used to dress the athletic heroines of the comics Americans in the form of trompe-l’oeil. Multicolored creatures that are blend in with their respective funds, in a sort of dimension 2.5, giving rise to a fairly careful composition.

The artistic work of the body makeup is complex, but its results are incredible and never cease to amaze for its originality. If to this we add the added value of ad hoc funding, thanks to which the body is integrated with the environment, the impact may not be more playful Neither decorative. What do you think? You colgaríais these works of art in the living room of your houses?