Hippie Makeup & Hair Style Tutorial – 60’s Flower Power

Romance and flower child look set the scene for the hippie make-up. The original hippie trend makes the look of the end sixties and beginning of the 70s, the time in which it was created, so and is therefore emphatically youthful and also playful. To paint a flower in the face itself, was not as strange, but was a small act of rebellion against ‘established’ rules and concepts of beauty and make-up.

Otherwise, soft hues, which bring not too strong contrasts, soft transitions and shades, soft lines and slightly tanned skin to the very girlish hippie include makeup. No matter whether the colors were used on cheeks, eyes, or mouth, total reduced, the emphasis was on the eyes. The mouth was very withdrawn and accented with lip gloss or lipstick in nude tones.

The look we here show, is ideal for a themed party, Carnival or the modern Woodstock – Festival:

Hippie Makeup 1

First, we need a fresh and natural-looking complexion.

A moisturizing make-up can be based. Then cover blemishes and brighten eye shadow. With powder sparingly. Rouge well dazzle, we have taken a peach tone received the orange.

The eyebrows with eyebrow powder or a pen easily trace, if necessary. Otherwise bring with eyebrow gel in the form.

Hippie Make-Up 2

Shade the eyelid with a light brown tone. A beige tone a shade under the eyebrows.

Hippie Make-Up 3

So now false eyelashes glue.

Hippie Makeup 4

Emphasize the upper eyelid with a black pencil. Kajal makes a softer line than liquid eyeliner and was popular in the 70s.

Hippie Makeup 5

Now comes an outline of the entire eye with eye shadow.

We have chosen a grey-green harmonizing with Mary’s blue eyes. The lines beautifully off soft brush, no harsh transitions!

Hippie Makeup 6

Gloss comes on the listofusnewspapers. We have one at the Rouge matching coral tone rising slightly in the orange selected.

Hippie Makeup 7

Right Hippiemaig is the make-up by somebody painting.

We have painted Mary of various typical flower power symbols for love, peace & rock and roll in the face  a peace sign, heart, a Sun and of course – flowers.

You can use very good lip pencil and Kajalstifte.

We have still helped to with an children makeup box with slightly more colorful color. Yellow in the normal make-up repertoire have more…

Hippie Hairstyle

Hairstyles in the hippie look every now and then conquer the international catwalks and perennial festivals are actually.

Hippie hairstyles are casual and romantic, or wild breathed. Styled they may gAR look never – casual is announced. And Festival hairstyles have to withstand a lot.

Who wants style, sh For the original 70’s look to at least leaves ungestylt his hair, hair comes up with headbands scarves or towels a centre parting and PEPs, which just tied around the head, as shown right in the picture.

Right below the image, we have also taken a braided synthetic hair braid on an elastic band instead of scarves.

ould try best to lose braided creations and the classic Beach wave look.