Housing Hotel Bistro in Marseille Which Is a Genuine Catalog Vintage

Saint-Charles station and a few minutes from the old port and in the heart of Marseille is located Casa Ortega. Its interior decoration has made us bring and take an interest in it. Has surprised us because it turns out to be a family home that combines the services of a hotel very attractive.

His owner after working in the world of communications decided to bet on this vivienda-hotel in the city. Cultivation of a taste for detail in interior decoration has conceived a very personal vintage style.

Ortega House has five bright rooms with antique furniture, speckled by the time. Each room is decorated in a different style. They have a separate entrance and its own bathroom. Some benefit from small terraces with scarce furniture where you can relax.

Making a different cocktail between the colours used, oranges, green water as well as whites with blacks and the antique furniture with the current mix has been obtained this home decor. Their frames and pictures with old photographs and paintings of age are eye-catching and appealing and its ancient spiral staircases are legitimate.

The spirit of House Ortega is giving hospitality to people who want to discover the real soul of Marseille. Breakfast is served in a pleasant space with a bistro decor, reminiscent of the small bars or antique French popular settlements where served alcoholic beverages, cheeses and coffees, always a good price. This is everyday reflection that this House offers together with its somewhat peculiar decoration.