If You’Re Short of Ideas for Gifts This Christmas, Hevik Tea Brings an Assortment of Winter Clothing

Trifle in the world, a year more Hevik brings us from the other side of the Alps a range of products to keep us warm on a motorcycle and, why not, doing anything. With garments tailored to be especially comfortable, the Hevik winter range arrives just in time to be the perfect gift this Christmas because they have a very interesting price.

With this set of jacket, pants, underwear, gloves and neck protector going to go dressed as a brush and, moreover, without losing a degree of temperature in the skin. You don’t have to buy it all together, of course, each piece sold separately and going from 9 up to 198,99 euros.

Five ideas from Hevik so you overtake you purchases

In colors Brown and black to choose, the Portland jacket you will pass completely unnoticed thanks his urban and formal court. In its traditional guise this type Barbour made of waxed cotton jacket features removable protectors on shoulders and elbows, for absolute comfort at a price of 195,99 euros.

Up and down we started to put on the legs with the Titan pants, jeans of ordinary aspect that actually come with a lining of kevlar, protections on knees and elastic inserts in the lower back and knees. These versatile pants cost 198,99 euros and certainly when you buy them you just using them more than you think.

Under these two items, there is no a better complement to thermal clothing, to be well protected from truth to cold. The Frozen heat set (no, the film does not) is formed by a long-sleeved shirt and pants, made of elastic fabric that stays well glued to our skin offering good thermal insulation at the same time allowing perspiration. Its price is of 41 euros for each parts.

No doubt the area more exposed and sensitive to the air on a motorcycle are the hands, and the Identity Racer gloves They combine the Café racer with a great thermal protection aspect, and they are waterproof without leaving your Vintage style. Its price is of 68 euros.

And to go finishing, but not least, you should never leave bare neck, and even less in winter. Colds and throat disorders do not forgive, so Hevik has prepared for you a good selection of protectors thermal, padded or elastic, each with a few features at prices ranging from the 9 to 26 euros.