Indian Home Decoration Tips

Indian Home Decoration Tips

The Indian decoration style reflects a vast exotic and culturally diverse nation. It can be considered ancient because Indian culture is as rich as its heritage. No wonder, their architecture and interior design are symbols of the way of life and tradition of India. Culturally enriched, colorful, elegant and eclectic, you will appreciate and love the Indian style of decoration in your home.

Indian interior design

Different fashion styles and cultural events as well as interior design can be distinguished by their cultural styles. We all know that every country and region has its own style of fashion and interior decoration. We are often able to identify the country or region based on colors, costumes or decoration styles.

The Indian decorating style is all about color combinations. The Indian houses are colorful and enchanting. The colors that are used always make for the desired effect, not to mention the embellishments. If you ever visit a house with Indian decor style, you will be fascinated by it as it reflects the culture and tradition of India. The modern Indian decor style also reflects the Indian way of life.

Features of the Indian style of decoration

As colorful as it may seem, Indian interior design is more than just color. Here are some of the Indian interior design features that will capture your heart:

  1. Indian decor style uses colors and their combinations. The color combination of the interior is adorable as there are combinations of light and dark that complement each other. Color combinations make the rooms brighter and larger.
  2. Attractive wall art, which is usually colorful paintings by captivating professional writers. You can also see pictures, sculptures, and statues of gods that are also related to the Hindu religion.
  3. Attractive wooden furniture in its elegant craft design is another key element in the Indian decor style. The furniture design always reflects the cultural heritage of India.
  4. Silver and / or brass, wood and ceramics are preferred to decorate the interior.
  5. Heavy wooden doors are commonly used in mansions
  6. Sometimes pillows are chosen instead of a sofa for the living room.
  7. Indian design carpets or rugs.
  8. Rich patterns and textures that match the colors of the interior.

The history of interior design in India

Interior design has always been seen as part of architecture. An infrastructure would not be complete if these two disciplines did not merge with one another. It was not until 1980 that interior design was recognized as an independent discipline in India. The development of interior design in India is always associated with the great architecture that has shaped the country. Traditionally designed interiors were only enjoyed by the wealthy as they were the only ones who can afford the use of expensive materials and hire craftsmen and artists. The groups that cannot afford this used what was available in nature. You were able to turn those resources into something wonderful. This brought forth the creativity and ingenuity of the Indians. Mud houses in Rajasthan,

India experienced post-independence poverty and had low GDP as a result for about 40 years. The interior design wasn’t a priority. It was not until the economic liberalization in 1991 that India was transformed and opportunities opened up through the open market. This also made the country’s design and construction industry increasingly important.

The Indian interior focused on functionality, simplicity exemplified by the stone or mosaic floors, painted walls and treasured items that date back to colonial times.

As India’s economy grew over the years, the middle class was now able to afford things that were out of reach for the older generations. A dream for parents and grandparents who wanted to ensure a better quality of life for their children.

Nowadays, Indians are able to create a well-planned and professionally designed home, which is a sign that India’s interior design is evolving.

Indian decorating style ideas for your home

Here are some tips on how to bring Indian interior design into your home:

  1. Decorative items– it is common to see paintings, pictures, statues and sculptures of Hindu gods and goddesses. They are usually made of gold, brass, bronze or wood. Other items that can be seen are elephants, lamps, Buddhas. Remember not to overdo it – the key word is balance.
  2. Flooring– In Indian homes, the flooring is usually tile, granite, and marble. Polished concrete can also add the effect of an Indian decor style. In some interiors, the use of dark wooden floors neutralizes the appearance of the room. Handmade carpets are also common there.
  3. Color– do you remember the colors of the spices? Make them your inspiration when buying paint for your space. Spices include curry powder, turmeric, chilli powder, and others.
  4. Pattern– patterned and textured surfaces can be used to contrast the single-colored areas of the interior. Hanging a fabric on the wall is common in the Indian decor style. Nowadays patterned wallpapers are used to add effects to the interior.
  5. Furniture pieces– choose furniture that is dark brown and made of solid wood. Carvings are an essential part of Indian furniture.

Indian Home Decoration Tips