Interior Design: Is a Pharmacy, Is a Perfumery. and Is in Istanbul

Seeing the images of this place it is difficult to guess that we are going to virtually walk shopping centre Forum Istanbul, one of the largest in Europe. A business that combines Pharmacy and Perfumery where the list of male customers should be very short.

With a decoration inspired by the rooms of a theatre, white furniture and the clear wood parquet They rival the white and pink vertical stripes. What can we say of the ceiling lamp with floral decorations, do too much? Yes, I think that’s the word.

I like the vintage style furniture white wood. But what caught my attention is the ceiling with background backlit. You can read the names of various products or sections of the store in different text fonts.

The general decorative idea is not nothing bad, gives personality to the business. Although it will void the walls pink stripes, quickly, only white. He would see it as “ Barbie ”. Then do the hanging plants of the applique and sense they would have large ceiling lamp.

I don’t know if it is a good idea that is so distinctly feminine. It is a barrier to potential male clients in Perfumery, a booming market that should not be neglected. Even for pharmacy products, not imagine nor Turks nor foreign tourists Enter to buy a cough syrup.


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Pharmacy Design | Retail Design | Store Design