Interview with Marcel “Mars” Saibert – Very Close to Us

Models, girls and music: “Among us” star Marcel “Mars” Saibert has a lot to tell. liked to have been part of it.

“I only have the sandals in 38, do you still want to try?” It is not easy to chat with Mars; the “Unter uns” actor is serving “Neidfaktor” in Düsseldorf, while he gives us an exclusive interview. It is good that he is capable of multitasking as well as model, musicians and soap operas.

You’re standing in your clothes store behind the counter. What are you shopping with?

“Especially individual things, we are young designers who have the opportunity to check how their clothes arrive at the customers – and to see them once worn.”

What is the Sommertrend 2009 for men?

“We’ve got no end-of-the-line retro shirts today.” Vintage look from the Oldschool bands is totally in, Guns’n’Roses & Co., in addition colors – especially blue and much white. ”

And with you?

“I just bought new chucks – ah, and a Ghostbusters cap.”

You painted in Milan. Exciting?

“No, it’s not really exciting, I just accidentally slipped in. Before I worked in a bar in the kitchen as a Beikoch, and there I was chatting to someone because of this model thing But I’m going to Milan and I hated you, you’re sent like a piece of meat through the area, you see, too. “” I’ve done things for Esprit, Schiesser, Heineken Campaigns “I asked him,” I’m going to have to go to the main cast, and it’s over. ”

Are you looking at “Germany’s next Topmodel”?

“I had to look a few times with my girlfriend – but I do not have anything to do with the real modelbusiness, where everything is presented as if it were the hardest job in the world – So well deserved, of one or two jobs I could live for a month, that’s cool. ”

On Friday comes your new single “Play”. What awaits us?

“A kind of motivation track.” “Play” goes to everyone who has been underestimating, according to the motto ‘Hey, come’, now show ‘what you have on it!’ The song has swing elements, but groovt, but I like oldschool classics, Frank Sinatra, Ella Fitzgerald, it all comes in. It was important to us that the entire record becomes timeless, that you can put things into one, two Years… Fun, casual… ”

Swing? Sounds like Sascha.

“For God’s sake!”

Googlest yourself?

“As for the new record, in any case, and the concerts, I want to read all of the reviews, even if it annoys me sometimes, especially because there’s a lot of work in it and you’re sometimes kicked off because you’re playing in a soap . ”

You can be seen in “Unter uns” almost every day. Are you recognized on the street?

“Sure, now and then, but that’s okay, recently, police wanted me to miss a pamphlet, which then said ‘Hey, you’re Mars on TV’, then they left it.”

With whom do you get the best idea from the “Unter Uns” team?

“With Paco and my sister Charlotte, these are my best buddies, we depend a lot.”

You were brought to the main cast by a side roll. Will you be arrogant?

“I’m being blamed, yes, but from people who do not really know me, I’m easy, I like to talk, I like to listen to what others have to say, there’s no reason to be arrogant. My eyes are small and some interpret the look as rather… nasty. ”

Your girlfriend probably not. What does it have, what others do not have?

“It is the absolute sunshine! She is totally positive, not nagging, does it all, supported me (in my Lotterleben laughs). She’s a great woman.”