Juan Luis Suarez of The Sueno De Morfeo Present War of Love Embraced by The World of Music

The place The Hub in Madrid, with its contemporary setting and open source, was the scene a few days ago by the presentation of War of Love, the new collection of the fashion firm Ewan, which is a creative director Juan Luis Suárez (guitarist of the band El Sueño de Morfeo).

Juan Luis course received the support of his partner and friend Fernando Alonso’s ex Raquel del Rosario, vocalist of El Sueño de Morfeo, who came with her boyfriend Pedro Castro. Other friends attended the appointment including gorgeous by the way, Brianda Fitz-James Stuart, Designer and DJ.

A collection, man and woman, winter with hints vintage, sailors Nordic was presented by the symbolic “army of love” hooded and armed with flags white, from the stage welcomed us and launched the first volley of shots in the form of songs. War of Love has even its own soundtrack composed by The Early Jays.

And is that the music, Thanks to the large number of guests from the scene, it became at times almost overshadow the collection of items displayed, using a projector, in one of the walls of The Hub. The well-known Swedish model Christian Goran It brings its unmistakable character to the campaign. He was chosen since, according to the own Juan Luis Suárez, “embodies perfectly the spirit” collection.

Pictures, trencas, cardigans, t-shirts… warm colours with much inspiration in the 60s and 70s shape designs, many of them with messages or funny slogans that invite you to enjoy life: Bike Around the World, Live Slow Die Old, Don’t be a Mummy or Have a Ewan Day (brand motto).

During the Festival attendees also had the opportunity to listen live to La Sonrisa de Julia, Dani Llamas and Willy Naves that finished clothing to War of Love in your Musical debut.