Lindsay Lohan: Role as Elizabeth Taylor – “I Am She”

Lindsay Lohan at the shooting of the TV biopic “Liz & Dick”, which tells the story of the stormy relationship of Filmdiva Liz Taylor with the actor Richard Burton.

Lindsay Lohan is back with her work for headlines: she is currently filming Elizabeth Taylor in front of the camera – and makes a good figure.

“All have the air”, describes costume designer Salvador Perez Lindsay Lohan’s first appearance on the set of the TV movie “Liz & Dick”. “She looked like Elizabeth. The producing station Lifetime had given Hollywoods Sorgenkind the coveted role of Filmdiva only on the condition that it adheres to their proving requirements. Lindsay seems to use the chance to finally do something for her image as an actress. For example, she had a voice coach before her Liz-Taylor voice.

Dramatic hand gesture

First pictures of the set make you hope for a great performance. The role in any case promises a lot of drama – between Elizabeth Taylor and her husband Richard Burton finally went up. Recent Paparazzi shots show a staged handful between Lindsay and her colleague Grant Bowler alias Richard Burton.

66 different Liz-Looks

In 66 different Liz looks, Lindsay will be featured throughout the 80-minute Biopics, which focuses on the stormy relationship between Taylor and Burton (two weddings, two divorces, one affair). The vintage dresses from the period from 1961 to 1984, in which the film plays, suit her as tailored to the body. Dark colored hair, false eyelashes and contact lenses perfect the look. “I am her”, Lindsay is said to have said for the first time in full costume and makeup while looking into the mirror. We are looking forward to seeing a German charisma.