Louis Vuitton Solves The Issue of Exotic Matter to Travel to The Future

To reveal their parts of Haute Joaillerie, the firm Louis Vuitton It has decided to offer us a short film two-minute by the Agency SurfaceToAir, directed by Jérémie Rozan and photographed by Martial Schmeltz. This small gem of the film, shot in Spain, it is a journey back in time of the most aesthetic e Intergalactic.

In it, we see an elegant and mysterious woman, portrayed by model Alana Zimmer, come mounted in a wonderful Daimler DS420 vintage, what seems to be one platform launch space, located in the middle of a field of reflectors Solar rising or leaning, all together, as if it were a choreographed by ballet, according to the whims of the Sun.

Arriving at their destination, the mysterious Lady descends from the car. An attentive driver He rushes to open the door while loading one of the famous bags travel model Keepall Louis Vuitton. Mlle. Zimmer dressed in an elegant and sober LBD, adorned with a plastron in the form of yoke of diamonds is inserted, without spoiling the look back, in a Elevator of the most futuristic.

The elevator seems to become one time capsule, travelling long distances and different times through a wormhole stable by the space, to the speed of light, While it is transported to other dimensions.

During the trip, both your costumes as their jewelry they are transformed until it ends sheathed in a black monkey set, which allows you to admire in all its glory the bangles, rings y necklaces of diamonds p & pprecious permit that are happening at the speed of light. Not in vain, we are in the space.

On the premise that, thanks to Louis Vuitton, we already have the technology necessary to produce exotic matter -by what you enter into one of these holes will not we destroy (wink)-, could reach distant places, globally exceeding the speed of light.

At the risk of that may seem to some childish, I must confess that that more enthusiasm I did everything, is that this short was shot in one solar thermal power plant of Andalusia, and up to the Daimler carries Spanish historical enrollment. We’re that went out!