Mexican Emerging Fashion, Beyond the Catwalk

When I gave myself the task of finding Mexican fashion designers, I immediately used the internet search engine, to realize that in each article and story, appeared a list of about ten to fifteen designers base. As many know, this week began in Mexico Fashion week, showing the work of these designers that we see everywhere; and don’t get me wrong, I admit, I admire and sometimes I adore the work of these artists but, I thought, there must be more designers that are not so easily found.

Mexican Emerging Fashion, Beyond the Catwalk

It was as well as I guided my quest for some less predictable places on the Internet. Finally he was on Facebook, indeed is not intended to promote fashion, where I found my answer. I ended up in a total State of Ecstasy and admiration with the huge supply of Mexican original design that exists: clothing, jewelry, shoes, glasses, bags and even stockings design make up this alternative universe of fashion which, it must be said, has very affordable prices. From this point I began to wonder is it true that in Mexico there is no opportunity for the national fashion industry? The answer is obvious to see the number of proposals.

While it is not easy to start a business, and much less to make it succeed at national level, there are success stories that show us that the Mexican public is willing to buy its own industry; these designers usually start selling through social networks, going in person to deliver orders, and with a word of mouth marketing; to go more to the history of brands and know what was his opinion as insiders, I spoke to a couple of designers whose creations have had impact.

Eduardo Mendoza, sweet or trick is a boy of just 22 years and I have seen grow his shop since it was dedicated to the search and resale of vintageobjects, until he dared to bring out their own creations. Eduardo specializes in design patterns, creating garments inspired by children who achieve any outfit never pass unnoticed; their education is self taught and in less than a year since he started designing you have created a sales strategy very particular that organizes thematic sales/fairs where he enters his work and you know what is its philosophy? Work with the heart.

Valeria Castro has an eponymous brand that has created with his mother and is a member of the Design Council of the Anahuac University, where he studied design and is dedicated to making garments comfortable and chic at the same time for Mexican women: this is the point that caught my attention of Valeria, ultra functional designs made to hide some parts which we do not like and highlight what is good. She has a shop in House Fusion, a space that has been of great impulse for the Mexican design, to such an extent that went from being a temporary Bazaar for later, thanks to the success, settle definitely. A ride by House Fusion, or explore the shops of Etsy and Kichink, are a good choice if you are looking for items of national origin.

These are some success stories, although I could really speak Mexican brands that slowly make their way, along with the acclaimed designers, through a pyramid led by foreign clothes at low cost (fast fashion chains).

Design national has options original and full of inspiration, it is accessible and there is always a garment for each personality do you think if you give him a chance?