Morgan Three Wheeler Gulf Edition, Edition Limited of Peculiar Tricycle “For Adults”

Do not be lead by your nostalgic and by missing a wheel, the Morgan Three Wheeler It is a machine of producing strong feelings, and turn heads. The Morgan Motor Company has confirmed that they were manufactured a limited series of the M3W, the Morgan Three Wheeler Gulf Edition, painted with the famous tones Gulf, those Blue and orange the fact that you have decorated so iconic as the Ford GT40 cars.

With a two-cylinder motor front v 80 horsepower and only 500 kilos weight Three Wheeler camouflages under your vintage modern technical solutions that achieve, along with its aforementioned reduced weight, that devilish tricycle has benefits of infarction. The leitmotiv of Morgan is that their vehicles not only run, if you are not fun, and M3W Gulf edition the truth it seems it.

On the other hand do not fail to visit the web Configurator versions standard (if that adjective can be applied to this vehicle) on the page of Morgan Three Wheeler. Inspiration in the military world car is also evident in both painting and decorated with pinu-ps, shields, and even bullet holes!. I’ve done already mine:

Already bookings can be made of the Morgan Three Wheeler Gulf Edition through the authorized distributors in Spain is the company Tayre, or directly with the manufacturer. Just one hundred units available to everyone so if you think it is the vehicle of your dreams, and you have no problem with the attention, I recommend to not take too much to decide.