Photographer vs. Chris Brown, Rihanna – The Most Expensive Paparazzi Photo of the Year!

Rihanna and Chris Brown go (almost) over bodies when it comes to their secret relationship. Now the home shadows are threatening a million.
For his mega party on the 19th birthday, Chris Brown would have wanted a different surprise. When he and his girlfriend Rihanna disappeared in their limousine in front of the fashionable Vintage Ultra Club in St. Petersburg to exchange secret intercourse, a photographer held his camera in the semi-open window and squeezed the trigger.
The golden photo
Why we have never seen the cuddling picture? After the paparazzo had pushed, Chris Brown’s bodyguard is to throw him on the ground, kicked with his feet – and have snatched him the 3,000 dollar camera. The most daring picture of the year was destroyed in the hustle and bustle, because the celebrity relationship of Chris and Rihanna is an open secret, but the relevant proof photo is missing.
The process
Photographer Luis Santana has now gone to court and sued Brown, the bodyguards and the nightclub to a million dollars of pain. No wonder the stolen photo could have secured his pension for lifetime. After all, a snapshot, which reveals a strictly guarded love, is rewarded with millons by the magazines. The chances of a decision in favor of the plaintiff are not bad: the Kamerachip has long been destroyed by the team of the two stars, but the attack of the bodyguards was observed by enough witnesses.

Black shadow
The bizarre relationship between Chris Brown and Rihanna is likely to tarnish not only the fat dollar bill. Also the management of the young singer, who has been trying hard for months to fight her flower-white single image, will soon have to come up with another strategy. Apparently, the young couple is too in love to pay attention to the rules.