Places to Work: Brownie, Vintage Furniture and a Garden in Their New Store in Madrid

Every day we like more shopping to Special shops in which they have worked the decoration and in which it seems that you move to another world.

That is what happens in Brownie, the signing of Womenswear that has just opened a new store in Madrid. And it does so in a which I think is a magical space and surely many know.

Yes, we are speaking of the bucolic courtyard at number 26 of the calle Hermosilla, in which it was located Federica & Co, or the pop-up store of Carrefour the past Christmas. Because there it just open Brownie House.

A store that has sought respect the charm of this place, preserving the structure of dual plant, and locating furniture procured at antique vintage to give you a more special character if possible.

Much of the charm of this new store is without doubt in the romantic garden of 274 square meters in which it is located, welcoming in a greenhouse in which Brownie has installed a more familiar classroom.