Places to Work: Ellectrika Showroom, a Different Clothing Store

I know that many of you reach Decoesfera, not only looking for ideas to decorate your home, but also for your business or commercial establishment. In these times where for good and evil has become fashionable undertake, to create a company that differs from the others in all is essential, even in decoration.

Today we show you a space to work very original. Ellectrika Showroom is a beauty concept It opened less than a year ago in the calle Montera. It is something very different. A clothing store but which also can take something, pamper yourself at the beauty salon, buy cosmetics, celebrate a feast… Go a little of everything and that is why in its setting does not lack detail.

The space has a aesthetic New York loft with beams of iron, brick walls and air ducts on view at an open space. A space with industrial-style in which the glazing from floor draws attention to ceiling that allows all the natural daylight to flood the showroom.

The soil is one of the elements with more personality. It is a natural stage of melis pine in the 1940s PIN. Much of the furniture is designed tailored in oxidized iron to further strengthen the industrial look and pipes hanging from the ceiling are authentic and adapted to the location with chains in old metallurgical factories.

They are also spectacular immense mirrors framed old in the area of hairdressing, which you can see in the picture above.

The entrance of the showroom is lined with wooden vintage in white and decorated with a lamp in worn gold tone that gives light to the area. Later in the area of selling clothing colors become darker and there are also reused or converted into other parts besides the furniture custom made.

One of the things that more should be noted in a space like this is that, as it is multidisciplinary, you need versatility in the distribution of the space and that furniture can be moved to organize a particular activity or an event at any time. That is something we must bear in mind if we open a store, that decoration is flexible and likely to experience changes.

I also love the idea of offer a new concept of business and break with the classics. To my that I love to save time because I’m always in a hurry, I feel great idea to be able to go to the hairdresser in a cozy place, at the same time that I take a coffee and echo a look to see if encounter something to expand of wardrobe… don’t love you?