Places to Work: New Starbucks on Velazquez with Essence Vintage

Those who know me already know I am fan of Starbucks, probably he has none close to home makes my interest in your coffee even more, but also I love the decor of many of its buildings, which being faithful to a style many times it is surprising with unexpected details. This happens in the new premises of the Salamanca district, the Starbucks in calle Velázquez No. 32 just opened this week.

The new establishment, which has 26 seats inside and 12 on the outdoor terrace, is located in an environment by all known, famous for their estates and stately mansions. The image of this new local elevates the Starbucks experience and transmits the values of the firm through the environment, enhancing at the same time the legacy of the past, architectural sincerity and vintage of the building built in 1925 the essence.

They have been used for the remodeling of the local noble and sustainable materials and intimate lighting. Furniture is of natural oak and these include large role the community central table for customer interaction, which you can see in the first picture of this article. But most surprising of this store is probably the decoration of the walls.

Starbucks aims to offer, with spaces like this, a new “third place” located between home and work, where all locals as well as visitors to the area, to enjoy the full experience that provides the firm with great comfort. A cozy atmosphere where you can meet friends, eat or work in a relaxed environment while everyone enjoy your favorite coffee.

Starbucks reached with this new opening 82 stores in Spain divided between Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Malaga, Alicante, Seville and Bilbao, as well as other 10 stores operating in airports through licensing. Not all have the same decorative charm, in some premium above all the functionality, but in many there curious details as it is the case this Velázquez, decorated in keeping with the area in which is located the local.

While I’m still waiting for it opened shop in A Coruña, I’m this me for my next visit to Madrid, which looks to be among the friendliest… What is your favorite Starbucks?