Pull up the Sheets Properly Part II

Pull up the Sheets Properly Part II

How big should a bed sheet be?

The minimum size of a bed sheet depends on the size and height of the mattress. In this context, fitted sheets are usually not available in a fixed format but in a size from … to … B. offered from 90 x 210 cm to 100 x 220 cm. In addition, the so-called web height also plays a role when choosing a fitted sheet.

What is the bar height on a fitted sheet?

In order for a fitted sheet to sit optimally on the mattress, it not only depends on the size of the sheet, but also on the height of the bar for which the sheet is intended. The required bar height can usually be determined by measuring the height of the mattress. – If you want to cover both the mattress and the topper with a fitted sheet for a box spring bed with a topper, the height of the bar results from the height of the topper in addition to the height of the top mattress.

If you want to buy a conventional bed sheet to protect your mattress and want to make sure that it can be opened correctly, you should choose a sheet that corresponds to the following format:

Bed sheet minimum width in cm =
mattress width in cm
double mattress height in cm
40 cm overhang

Bed sheet minimum length in cm =
mattress length in cm
double mattress height in cm
40 cm overhang

The overhang of the bed sheet is used to fix the sheet on the mattress. It should not be too tight so that the sheet really stays securely on the mattress and does not slip off even on restless nights.

How to put sheets on properly – tips; Tricks and Instructions

There are various ways of correctly pulling up bedsheets, which we would like to introduce to you at this point. We also present helpful tricks and useful aids that can help you to get the sheet to sit optimally on the mattress.

How can you properly open a fitted sheet?

Before you start to cover the mattress with a fitted sheet, you should first “sort” the sheet. – Where are the long sides and where are the short sides of the sheet?

Then you look for a corner of the mattress and pull a suitable corner with the elastic band of the fitted sheet over it. This is repeated until the fitted sheet lies completely over the lying surface of the mattress. In order for the sheet to be properly stretched in this context, it may be necessary to briefly lift the mattress corners when opening the bed sheet so that the sheet can be pushed under properly.

If the fitted sheet is sitting on the mattress, it may be smoothed out again to remove even the last folds.

Brief instructions: Put on the fitted sheet

  1. Align the fitted sheet – long sides | short sides
  2. Pull the corners of the fitted sheet over the corners of the mattress
  3. Smooth the fitted sheet to remove creases

How can you properly open a simple bed sheet?

In private households nowadays, fitted sheets are more often used to make beds, because they are usually easier to open and moreover stay in place better on the mattress. The neatly folded storage of fitted sheets, on the other hand, is usually much more difficult than that of a conventional bed sheet or sheet.

The “normal” sheets are still widespread in hotels, often also in hospitals and in the military. For a reproducible appearance of the beds made as well as for an efficient making of the beds, different techniques, tricks and aids are used, which can also bring about a significant relief in the bedroom at home:

Pull up the sheets like in a hotel – Hospital Corners

In hotels you will often find attractively folded sheets, with the fold line running diagonally or straight down. A bed sheet drawn in this way is called hospital corners (term from the English language: hospital = hospital | corners). In order to provide your bed with a sheet at home and in a hotel, you need a few instructions and a little practice:

  1. First, a simple sheet is laid flat over the mattress. – The long side edges and the edge at the foot of the bed should hang down below the mattress. Make sure that the long edges of the sheet “protrude” the mattress to the same extent on each side.
  2. Now you put the short edge of the sheet at the foot of the bed from corner to corner under the mattress. It is important that the sheet lies flat, so you fold the sheet and carefully slide it under.
  3. Then pull a long side of the sheet up onto the mattress at a distance of approx. 40 cm from the corner at the foot end. The sheet should lie flat around the corner. On the lying surface of the mattress, the folded-up edge of the sheet should form an approximately 45 ° angle with the corner. – So optically there is a triangle. An accurate, wrinkle-free procedure pays off at this point when it comes to achieving perfect hospital corners.
  4. To keep the edge smooth, you then place your hand on top of the previously folded “triangle” of the long sheet edge and push the part of the sheet that is hanging down under the mattress. When you remove your hand, the corner of the sheet should still be firm and smooth.
  5. Now you fold down the “triangle”. You can stop at this point if you want your “made” bed to look a little more relaxed. If, on the other hand, you prefer a stricter appearance, you now also slide the “triangle” under the mattress. In addition, you then also clamp the rest of the long sheet edge under the mattress.
  6. Proceed in the same way on the other side of the bed to fully open the sheets.

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