Rockabilly Japanese Part 2 – The Revival And The Scene Today

Rockabilly Japanese

With the end of the 1950s was once no more Rokabiri in Japan. Political repression showed effect and the interest of young music listeners anyway other styles of music turned – first romantic sounds and then of course the Beatles. So different than in the rest of the world including the musical development in Japan did not go off. Here, too, Rockabilly was only suspended.

Rockabilly Japanese Part 2 - The Revival And The Scene Today

Rockabilly Revival In Japan – Bikerlook And Psychobilly

In the 1970s they were suddenly back, Quiffs, leather jackets, and double basses. One of the legendary Japanese bands of that time, “Carol”, went to concerts even with motorcycles on the stage. It lasted only until 1975, but brought it to great popularity in such a short period and had a seminal influence on many rockabilly groups should – not least look rooted in the 80s.

The rocker look of “Carol”, which reminds us more of “Grease” as on Elvis, should adhere to this day in the Japanese rockabilly scene and featured the following groups such as the Black Cats. They emerged with rivets-embellished leather jackets and inspired also an American audience with her energetic saxophone röhrendem sound included.

However, were influenced more by the garage punk the also popular Hillbilly BOPS contrary to its name, and exchanged the leather Biker look against oversized sweatshirts, suits and a snotty attitude of the underground. They not renounced the obligatory double bass but also, just as later by the bassist of Hillbilly BOPS of founded Vincent’s, who played as a support to the Japan tour of the Straycats.

Rockabilly Japanese Part 2 - The Revival And The Scene Today 2

The Show Must Go On – Bands Today

Rockabilly stayed alive in the Japan and the range of styles, musical intersections and fashionable innovations, which are to be discovered in the Japanese “scene” today, is great. It starts with the now elderly psychobilly Heroes “Battle of Ninjamanz”. These make no bones about it with titles such as “Fuck the world” and their hybrids from Mohawk and Tolle, punk and Rockabilly to enter a perfect combination in their eyes.

The Crazy Teds, which to admire will be soon on your European tour are nearly as old but old fashioned. The trio with Teddy girl on drums rock still just as fresh, but more focuses on Boogie as on punk. It is one of the few examples of Japanese rockabilly bands that (can) leave your home continent. Conversely, the transfer works better. Smaller combos tours not only ex-stray cat Brian Setzer knows how to appreciate the enthusiasm of the Japanese audience, like through the far East.

Rockabilly-Style Completion – The Dancers In Yoyogi Park

The look is particularly important since time immemorial Japanese rockabilly devotees.Hardly in another place of the world, the various forms of the rockabilly look are driven so lovingly in the extreme. Those scene members represent an internationally known example, who meet every Sunday at Yoyogi Park in Tokyo for years.

Rockabilly Japanese Part 2 - The Revival And The Scene Today 3
With locals and tourists, you are known for your wild show dances that they perform both utilised and accompanied by live musicians.
Fascinated not only death-defying acrobatics of this for years studied deposits. The appearance of the dancers and dancers with their perfectly styled, some oversized great, dark sunglasses and tattooed back paintings ensures lasting impression. Who makes a trip to Tokyo once, don’t miss this phenomenon. Rockabilly lifestyle looks like probably no other place of the world.