Sexism in Depilatory Cream Spot? – Shitstorm Against Advertising

An alternative to hair removal is the hair removal cream. It also has your advantages and disadvantages.

The commercial of a manufacturer of depilatory cream caused anger in the English-speaking world. The clip accuses women of becoming men as soon as they do not degenerate.

“Do not risk Dudeness” – to German about “Riskier no Kerlsein” it says in the new commercials of American Enthaarungscreme -Herstellers. In the clips with which Waxing strips are to be advertised, women are seen, which because of their stubborn legs turn into a hairy, bearded man. This is supposed to make the potential customers of the company so bad a conscience that they immediately take advantage of waxing products and depilatory cream to eradicate every hair on legs or shoulders.

Controversial advertising for depilatory cream

One of the hotly debated spots shows, for example, a man and a pretty woman in bed. Then the annoyed statement: “I did not shave until yesterday” – hardly has the woman admitted that on her legs maybe the one or other stubble is to be found, the beauty turns into a fat man with beard, always as a point Still wearing her pink night shirt.

“Despite the fact that men and women have body hair, the campaign reinforces the beauty norm dictating that only men have hair on their bodies,” criticizes the feminist website “Jezebel”. Even the conservative Daily Mail writes, “The videos are reminiscent of vintage commercials with old-fashioned messages that encourage women to use deodorants and other products with the sole aim of showing themselves to men.” On Twitter, too, many bloggers and potential buyers of hair removal products, who are criticizing the campaign, speak out.

Sexism and body hair

After the wide-ranging protests, the hair removal cream manufacturer responded to the controversy surrounding the four commercials and removed the videos from the company’s official Youtube channel. In a statement against, a company spokesman said: “We are very concerned about any misinterpretation of the tone or importance of our spots and have decided to take the spot from the market in the light of the current reactions We apologize for any insults that may have caused us, which was not our intention. ”