Small Bathroom – Large Tiles

Small Bathroom – Large Tiles

Tiles in the bathroom are almost a must. How to find the best tiles for your bathroom. Even if the bathroom is small.

The bathroom has become one of the most important rooms in an apartment in recent years. Much more than a few decades ago, the bathroom is not only functional and easy to care for, it should also be able to do more – be a space in which you can withdraw.

A long bath or an enjoyable shower, now and then peeling, daily shaving, dental care, facial care for some – this adds up to a lot of time that you and the woman spend in the bathroom.

Especially when you want to leave the halls at home fit, stylish and handsome all round and plunge into the hustle and bustle of the city, your colleagues, a party.

Large-format tiles

Small bath or large bath

Whether the bathroom is large and spacious or a small one is perhaps primarily a question of personal preference (s).

Large bathrooms certainly have the advantage that two or three people can indulge in the pleasures of extensive personal hygiene.

And a large, spacious bathroom is also good for guests – you definitely have space to make the bathroom pleasant for your guests without having to put away your own belongings.

A small bathroom, on the other hand, has the advantage that you have it all to yourself without having to provide any great justification. Which is quite a thing of the man in daily bathroom routines.

In addition, the heating costs in a small bathroom are a lot lower. Because you want to be warm in the bathroom, which can be costly if it has to be heated through or has to be preheated for a long time.

Whether a small bathroom or a large bathroom – in both cases, much more time and money is invested in a beautiful bathroom today than in the past. The bathroom should have a homely atmosphere.

As a result – after the functional elements such as toilet, bathtub, shower, etc. – the selection of tiles on the walls and on the floor is one of the most important decision-making points in terms of a homely design of the bathroom.

The selection of colors and shapes of the tiles has become immense today, even compared to the past. Tiles are available in large and very small formats, in stone or wood optics and of course still in classic white.

It is not always easy to keep track of this diversity and to find the right tiles for your own bathroom. A few tips for tile in a small bathroom:

Make a small bathroom look bigger

Even a small bathroom should appear as spacious and not cramped as possible. Large-format tiles are particularly suitable for making the surfaces and thus the entire room appear larger.

Large-format tiles have been all the rage for some time. Landscape formats are also a current tile trend.

Tiles in landscape format can give a small bathroom a lot of optical height or width, depending on whether the tiles are laid horizontally or vertically.

The room gets an additional width by laying the floor tiles diagonally.

This also conceals small bumps or slightly sloping floors or walls, as you often find them in old buildings.

BTW: Also make sure to choose light-colored tiles with calm structures. In addition, a floor that is not divided and has very straight and even joints makes small bathrooms look bigger.

Natural and mosaic tiles in the bathroom

The feel-good factor is very important in bathroom design today. The bathroom should become a space for retreat and relaxation.

This wellness atmosphere can be created particularly well with tiles that create a connection to nature. Tiles in stone or wood look, which today can hardly be distinguished from their natural models, are suitable for this .

Mosaics also give the bathroom a very homely atmosphere. These can be used in the form of a border or as a large-area pattern.

Make sure that the tiles that you have selected for the remaining areas of the bathroom are of the same thickness.

If that is not the case, the difference would have to be compensated for afterwards with glue or special rigid foam panels.

So not a disaster, but it definitely costs additional time and money. This then causes additional costs that you can save yourself directly.

Chic bathroom with tiles