Spring core, cold foam, latex & Co. – which mattress is right for me?

Spring core, cold foam, latex & Co. – which mattress is right for me?

The choice of the right type of mattress depends primarily on your preferred sleeping position and your sleeping habits. Since the lateral body contour varies more than the body contour in the prone or supine position, completely different requirements are placed on a mattress . Depending on the material, the mattress can be adjusted with pinpoint accuracy or more flatly supported. A mattress is right for you if your spine is straight in the sleeping position you prefer and is not curved or sagging at any point.

A mattress that does not adapt properly and does not provide sufficient support in the crucial places leads to back pain and tension, in the worst case to severe pressure points with circulatory disorders and / or intervertebral disc problems. In addition to the purely physical problems, the lack of sleep is of course a health problem that should not be underestimated, which arises from the lack of relaxation during the night. Only with sufficient sleep is your body able to fight pathogens and provide you with the strength you need for everyday life.

Choosing the right mattress is therefore not just a question of comfort, but primarily a matter of concern for your health. Since your health and a restful night’s sleep is very important to us, you will find a small guide below to help you find the right mattress.

The innerspring type

When looking for a mattress, the lowest possible price is your top priority. You prefer to sleep on your stomach or back. When you sleep, you don’t like it when you sink deep into the mattress – you like to lie a little firmer. You may sweat profusely at night or you may be heavier.

You are the born innerspring type. When buying a spring mattress, you should make sure that it offers different lying areas and that it does not spring back when you try it out.

The pocket spring type

You are heavy or prone to sweating profusely at night. You often turn around in your sleep, that is, you sleep on your stomach or back, sometimes on your side. (Of course you can also stay longer in a certain sleeping position.) You prefer not to be very soft, but also not too tight.

If several of these points apply to you, then you should purchase a pocket spring mattress. The more feathers processed per m2, the firmer the mattress and the more precisely it can adapt to the body contour. You shouldn’t use an extremely adjustable slatted frame for this mattress.

The cold foam type

You have a body weight between 40kg and 90kg (some XXL mattress models are suitable up to 180kg) and sleep rather restlessly or often change your sleeping position. They don’t like to sink deep into the mattress and prefer to lie on a medium-soft to medium-firm basis.

Does this description suit you best? Then a cold foam mattress is ideal for you. Each cold foam mattress is available in different degrees of hardness. Usually the manufacturer gives a weight recommendation for each degree of hardness. In general, the higher the firmness, the firmer the mattress. Make sure that the mattress cover is quilted with a climate-regulating fleece. A cold foam mattress is also suitable for motorized slatted frames and has a very low weight.

The visco foam type

They prefer to sleep on their side (prone and supine positions are also possible). Your body weight is between 50kg and 130kg. You want the perfect body adaptation for a “weightless” sleep without any noticeable contact or pressure points. You suffer from back problems. You sleep more calmly and only turn around occasionally. The room temperature in your bedroom is at least 18 ° C (only then can the thermoelastic viscose foam optimally adapt to the body contour). They do not tend to sweat too much and neither like to lie very tight nor very soft.

✓ Did you find a lot of matches? Then visco foam is the right choice for you. A visco foam mattress always consists of a cold foam core with a visco foam layer. The higher this level, the better the memory effect of the thermoelastic mattress – but then the more difficult it is to turn it over, as you sink deeper into the mattress. Visco foam mattresses can be used in combination with extremely adjustable slatted frames.

The gel foam type

You want a quick and perfect adaptation to your body contours as well as an almost weightless, pressure-relieving lying sensation with pleasant sinking behavior. You suffer from back and shoulder problems. They often rotate while sleeping. They tend to sweat profusely and like to lie soft to medium-soft.

✓ Do you largely agree with the points listed? Then gel foam is the right choice for you. If the sleeping position changes frequently, the mattress adapts immediately and precisely so that you are always ergonomically correct. Depending on the mattress model, you sink more or less deeply into the mattress. In addition, this type of mattress has excellent moisture management and is particularly breathable, which is why it does an excellent job even with increased sweating. Gel foam mattresses can be perfectly combined with extremely adjustable slatted frames and motorized spring frames.

The latex guy

The best way to sleep is to lie on your side, but also to turn around often. You like to sink deep into the mattress, prefer a very soft feeling to lie on and want a mattress that adapts perfectly. You suffer from tension and your arms or legs occasionally fall asleep at night. They weigh between 45kg and 90kg. (Latex mattresses with coconut inlay are also recommended up to 140kg. However, when you lie down, they are rather firm and ideal if you sleep on your stomach or back.) You sweat quickly in bed.

If you recognized yourself, you should convert to a latex mattress. Latex has ventilation channels that ensure an optimal sleeping climate. It is particularly soft and adaptable, but it is very heavy. When buying, make sure that the latex mattress has several lying areas. Latex mattresses are also ideal for electrically adjustable slatted frames.

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