Tasting of Moet & Chandon in The Quinta De Jarama

Yesterday we had the privilege of attending a tasting of one of the most famous champagnes of the world to the Quinta de Jarama, Moet & Chandon. In the hands of the Winemaker’s House Xavier Monclus, Head of Oenology den Europe of the LVMH group, we were able to taste a series of wines from the famous French region, we learned to open the bottles properly, the ideal temperature for drinking so precious liquid and pair with the best dishes.

The florist “Imagine the Moon” He was in charge of beautiful autumnal centers that decorated the tables, with a style very vintage, very romantic and appropriate for the event. And with this “mise en scene” developed one of the most fun tastings to which we have been.

Xavier Monclús guided us how profane that we were, by the ins and outs of the tasting, explaining each step in the world of champagne, from the terroir, its production process, the world that surrounds him and the service at the table, without falling into habits of “crappy seafood restaurant” with jokes and literary quotations.

Xavier Monclús explained us all the work of selection of the grapes, vintages (that champagne does not affect him as much as other wines), the rigorous process for which the experts at Moët & Chandon performed more than 1000 tastings around 800 wines, which are gathered into 5 groups of 150 wines.

If you are thinking that the champagne is the wine harder to make the world, the answer is Yes, at least the champagne category.

First lesson of Xabier, must receive with champagne and eat with champagne and dismiss us with champagne. The experience of all a meal with a good champagne, sure that is “the most intelligent pairing” because champagne does not interfere with what we eat. The Moët & Chandon is difficult to retain in the palate, since it is easily drunk.

To serve the champagne should have art or a care learning. Fundamental not cool on excess There is below the 5 ° of temperature sensations. “The more cool a good champagne, closer to a Don Simón” (Xavier Monclús, dixit)

The Moët & Chandon should serve to 9 degrees Celsius and the best system to cool a bottle of champagne, put it for only 30 minutes in an ice bucket or bowl, surrounded by ¾ parts of ice and water up to shoulders of bottle. Attention that is not ice that cools, but the water.

This opens a bottle of MOET

A bottle of Moet will not open in any way, or make a special force, just follow a few simple steps, which will already tell you if they are as easy as the skill of Monclus made it seem.

Take out the champagne bottle and dry thoroughly with the so-called lito (which is the white cloth that restaurants leave the waiters on the bottles in the champagne) will only be used to properly dry the bottle and not slipping us hands. Once dry, the cloth becomes not already using in the service of champagne, please, a Moet served from a bottle wrapped in a cloth is less Moet, so care.

We must place the label upward and forward, not because we let happy to think that we’re going to drink such delight, but because it will make it easier to find the point where is the black ring surrounding the CAP and hood.

Remember to take the bottle atop the neck of it by putting your thumb in its highest part, pressing a little Cork. Nothing twisted bottles, we are pulling the seal until the CAP is completely free and the Cork will come out without making the slightest effort.

If you are a professional, do not need to look, as I am, I am well aware of what there is in a bottle of Moet, I will look a little bit With dissimulation until you find at that same point the ring wire that is part of the flange that holds the Cork. With your right hand turn six half-turns counterclockwise at the clock hands, leaving the loose flange which will also slide smoothly. So there is no need to begin to take turns to Cork making efforts.

We hold the bottle on the bottom with the right hand and without effort, make it turn supporting top on the left hand side. Then, the Cork will begin to rise, turning just.

Other details essential to not be the typical tacky that it opens a bottle of Moët & Chandon to sidra El Gaitero. The stopper should leave without making any noise or popping noise spectacular, paraphrasing Oscar Wilde, should sound, simply… “like the sigh of a woman”.

The tasting of Moet & Chandon

And just moved on to the tasting of MOET & Chandon Brut Imperial, a white wine Chardonnay, Pinot Menier and Pinot Noir grapes in equal parts, which is one of the most criticized of the market, for better or for worse. I personally found it delicious.

White down delicately foam talks about its quality and the tiny bubbles rising non-stop processing and good ageing in the bottle (that champagne has never notes that we hold dear in the tasting of wines aged in oak barrels). The imperfections of the cups produced a curious, the effect of the bubbles. Moët & Chandon It tends to have a few drinks special in which the same cups have a few almost imperceptible dots on his bottom, to facilitate the creation of bubbles.

It is essential to well sink the nose into the Cup to appreciate a whole universe of odors the palate, the Brut Imperial shown with good intensity, white fruit in compote, honeyed and toast notes.

Passing through mouth, powerful, very ripe white fruit, fresh, live, with body, notes of toast, good acidity and balanced. Easy to drink with a dot of acidity that flies. Simply delicious.

The second tasting champagne was a Moët & Chandon Rosé, one of the Moet more sold on the market and now I understand why. History in the making, the inventor of the Rosé was a very famous and appreciated Lady, the widow Clicquot. Thought so special lady make a white champagne, but add red wine. Attention, not bleeding, which is different from low-quality process.

The assemblage of red wine gives female copper shades. A rosé wine with slightly coppery reflections, which debunks any resemblance with the pink to any nationality. Expressive aromas with predominance of the forest and redcurrant Strawberry smell. Spicy notes. Attack with fruity, explosive and spontaneous character, mouth tender, fresh and soft finish.

The Quinta de Jarama It gave us a fantastic snack chef work José Sánchez León, responsible for the cuisine of the estate, with a spectacular salty buffet with ham on toasted bread, tomato, salmon sashimi, a delicious gazpacho and what I loved it, toast with foie gras and rock salt… The sweeter part starred in the impressive buffet of sweets, lollipops of chocolate, macarrons, some ideal cupcakes in miniature and more sweets mil.

An evening of pink, or rather…! Rosé, Moët & Chandon!