The Back Room, The Physical Space of Rue 74 Vintage Opens in Madrid

Insurance that, but only for the times that they have been part of “Decorative Decoesfera week”, you sound Rue Vintage 74, Since we are in love with this store in Decoesfera.

It’s one almoneda online where you can find textiles, dinnerware, glassware, furniture and objects with a relative age, from 1900 until the seventies of the last century.

What catches the eye of each selected piece is the good taste and originality. So far we had to settle for watch on the Internet as brought their travel, but you can enjoy from yesterday’s The back room of Rue Vintage 74.

If you go to the website of Rue Vintage 74 will see the type of articles and furniture that they often bring, and until now you could only get through the Internet. We asked its creator, Piluca bone Physics, now a store when going online as well.

The answer is clear, textiles whether tablecloths, embroidered napkins or Paperhangers, are items that like to see them in person before you buy. Touch, we have discussed several times in Decoesfera, is fundamental when it comes to textiles are longer and although in Rue Vintage 74 quality is one of the guarantees, like many clients being able to “touch” what to buy.

The same is true with the silver cutlery, another of their identity, like to watch closely, weighing up the silverware and watch them carefully before buying.

The back room is a broad, of industrial air, with muchisma light since it is open to a courtyard filled with plants, as surely as soon as you pass the cold will be wonderful (it was a quick visit to the outside because of the cold that made yesterday) with tables of envelope of zinc and corridos benches or chairs of terrace of the sixties.

Embossed shelves full of wonderful dishes, tables with detail, the coffee table in the 1950s with large Murano glass ashtrays, Sun mirrors or metal flamingos we fell in love. There is no doubt that Rue Vintage 74 have a gift to buy different furniture and objects of desire.

In terms of hours, Saturdays in the morning will be open to the public, but the rest of the week should be appointment… they may be traveling the world to Discover everyday treasures to fall in love.