The Best Cheap Menorca Sandals of the Moment

In this new article will reveal which are the best cheap Menorca Sandals of the moment.

With the arrival of good weather, it comes time to renew footwear, we leave the boots and booties kept safe in the closet and we welcome sandals, shoes star this summer.

The Best Cheap Menorca Sandals of the Moment

As you know, there are many styles of vintage sandals, Roman, espadrilles and how not Menorcan or sandals, which we will deal with in this article.

Why are the Menorca so successful?

Mainly for comfort to those who carry them and breath ability that leads to feet in summer, since it is an open shoe and allows its constant oxygenation, thus preventing sweating and odor.

However, should take into account a number of features when choosing the appropriate model, for example, materials with which it is made sandal or its weight.

Once we have clear performance, I will show you the five models of Menorca have chosen our experts after a selection process.

As it is becoming customary in our guides, we have had very much in mind the price, but also other aspects as comfort, materials with which the albarca is made or even the design, because realistically, is a shoe that is also used to go to fashion.

To summarize, let’s say that, throughout this guide, we will touch the following topics

  • Comparative table and prices
  • Tips to keep in mind to choose the best option
  • Top 5 cheap Menorca sandals and design
  • Facts about the Menorcan

That said, we don’t want to make you wait any longer, we hope that all the information that we’re going to give is of your interest, but above all, helps to choose the perfect model of Menorca for you.

Comparative table and prices

Tips to consider to buy some Menorcan

As discussed above, it is important to have a number of features in mind when it comes to opt for a model or another of Menorca.

For example, the materials with which it is made, especially the front, that is which covers our standing. Typically you use fabric or leather. Both have their pros and cons, for example, the fabric, it will keep our skin cooler to be a more breathable material, but its strength and durability is less when compared with materials such as leather.

That is why, as a recommendation, for times or places of high temperatures and very humid, we recommend that you use the of fabric, but if the weather is not very hot, as for example in the spring, you can opt for a model of leather, which in addition to design mode are very cane.

The outsole is another point you have to take into account, traditionally used materials like worn tires to make them, even today used rubber tires or plastic. Such materials are non-slip, in addition to not weigh too much.

However, if you are going to choose avarcas of platform sandals, it is always better that the inside of the platform is hollow, since thus will weigh much less.

In as to the part of the toes, sandals sandals are characterized by being always, who could know this term, widely used for high heel shoes that have a small opening in the front to make the toe, as peep toe, it can also be used in the case of the Menorcan sandals , that comply with this feature.

In some cases we found this opening more pronounced and in others that may almost seem a closed model of how small that is, apart from being a matter of taste, and for that there is nothing written, the truth is, that, having a front opening, will cause the foot to breathe better, and obviously the higher, cooler you have feet.

Perhaps in models of fabric, which is a more breathable material, is too important to this point, but for models of skin, it may be a point in its favour that, if you have in a more pronounced way, especially if we want them to periods of high temperatures, whether it is for spring, it gives a little more equal, since the foot not sweat much and there isn’t much risk to suffer the dreaded chafing or blisters.

The best cheap Menorca Sandals: TOP 5

Classical model of Menorcan sandal

We start our list of the best cheap sandals with this unisex footwear lowcost for the season spring-summer 2017, design classic and very comfortable. They are a Menorcan tsarvuli (avarca in menorquin) manufactured in Spain, made with high quality materials, ideal for rural or coastal areas.

The structure, stitched to the outsole, reminds us of the classic from the island of Menorca avarca. The rubber sole has a serrated pattern to allow greater grip in stony areas. The outer material is leather, so its finish translates into endurance and quality. The coating is lined skin that prevent you uncomfortable chafing, with opening on the part of the fingers toes and clamping strap on the back of the heel.

This fantastic model sandal is available in various sizes and colors, white, Navy and camel. So now you know, if you want a flexible and resistant shoe these are your Menorca.


Great quality and comfort with a classic design at a very affordable price.


We must ensure good of our size to avoid chafing or clearances. For this model, it is recommended that the inner template be 1 cm. higher than the foot.

Model of Menorcan sandal with glitter

We continue our exclusive rankging on the right foot with these metallic Menorcan that you rustic meets modern. This flat footwear is a great choice for spring events, and can use these sandals with your outfits in light colours such as silver and glitter.

The material with which the outside is made is metallic skin and its lining is leather, as well as the strap at the heel. The material of the sole is non-slip rubber, with a design that allows a good grip on slippery surfaces.

These Sandals need all the limelight, still a good option to combine it with basic, neutral, as white and gray colors. We have a comfortable bet for this spring summer season in which you can wear this footwear in those long and endless events without problems of heaviness in your feet.


In addition to being beautiful, you amazed with the comfortable and quality they have.


Model is presented in shades of lilac, color that is difficult to combine, but clear and silver coloured van perfect. You can use these sandals with a fixed suit of raw or silver colors, since silver color of itself has brightness.

Menorcan Vintage model

Third place you bring these splendid Menorcan vintage print of the English flag and worn out effect. Ideal to combine with jeans, shorts or leggings, with outfits more sugarcane and rockers or to give a touch of vintage sophistication.

Its versatility and the quality of the leather materials that are made make them the perfect choice for this season of spring – summer. Wide rubber sole pneumatic which provide the necessary comfort in each tread. We can use these Sandals for an afternoon of shopping, to stroll on the beach or the mountain, since its sole has a picture perfect, although they must always be easily accessible sites as they are not designed for outdoor sports.

The print of the flag has a worn out effect, giving a retro look. In addition, they are sandals are unisex, being an indifferent choice for her or for him, and as you pointed out above, extremely versatile to combine.

Within all types of sandals, sandals (or avarcas) Menorca are the kind of shoes that will give us an informal, casual and youthful turnabout on our look.


Comfort, versatility and originality at good price.


The leather has a minimum of care and maintenance.

Model of Menorca with tropical print

We continue with these leading Minorcan sandals with tropical print, with colors very summer like green or yellow to combine with a multitude of items of the same colors. However, you can also use them to give the touch of color if you opt for a white Ibiza design.

These peeptoes with open-toe Sandals so they pop out our fingers, are lined with leather and the outside is embossed leather with tropical print, in which we stress it as another trend for the summer with a multitude of possibilities.

They consist of a sole with 4 cm platform, whose materials are flexible rubber, which will give you a feeling of lightness, because that won’t weigh you down, what becomes an ally for walks and against fatigue. Its sole is also non-slip and with serrated drawing, perfect to not burn your feet in the scorching sands of the beach. In addition, being on a platform flat won’t have circulation problems, as it happens with our foot when it is standing on high-heeled sandals.


Menorca with flatbed and lightweight comfort and quality at good price.


Although at the moment the tropical print timeless and is timeless, this print is relegated to more warm and summer times.

Model of Menorca with closure at the ankle

Finally, I show these Menorcan lockable ankle at an unbeatable price. This type of shoe with buckle fastening, they are an excellent choice for children of all ages, for children or who are learning to walk so out them footwear. However, it is also a choice that gives much play to adults, and can add a loop to close to complete our outfit with a fashion accessory in the ankle. There are different colors, allowing numerous combinations.

The sole is made with synthetic materials, which have an average duration of less than leather or rubber, but allow enough flexibility and are very easy to maintain. If our intention is to give a seasonal use, which in fact are the Menorcan avarcas case, are no doubt they are the best choice for the warmer times of the year.


Comfort and versatility that give good price.


Synthetic materials are not as durable as others, but certainly are a very economical option if you want a casual use of the footwear.


Although it seems a kind of very current shoes, nothing is further from reality, the first (and rudimentary) Minorcan date back to the time of the middle ages, in the time of Hannibal, the Carthaginian general who planted face to the Roman Empire.

Due both to its fortress like flexibility, the farmers in the area also began to use them for its endless days in the field.

Over the years changed the materials that were manufactured, if initially the wood was the material star, it was leaving step to other less heavy and more flexible as rubber or plastic materials.

Being the 20th century with the arrival of the automobile as their sole began to be lined with rubber tires used, ready to be disposed of, we might say that they were also the beginnings of reuse and recycling of materials as we know it today.

However, given your convenience, have made the leap to the world of trends, and more to be a shoe to work the field, is now a type of sandals that every summer can adapt perfectly to the trends of the moment became one of the trendiest market.

Here our guide on best Menorcan Sandals cheap moment, hope that it has been helpful and remember that you can leave your comments and impressions. In addition, if you want to be a day of a lot of tips and tricks, you can follow us on our Facebook.

We look forward!