The Best Clothing Low Cost for Christmas Are of Style “Flapper” and Made by Mango

In Jezebel you have gutted almost all the low-cost collections dye Christmas or corresponding to “ christmas editions ”. The last one, the nice collection of Uterqüe, whose styling might not allows us to see in all their dimensions priori beautiful garments.  Mango has collected under the name of “ evening collection & #8221; the best of your night throughout the season, and we’re going to see in all its fullness, in silhouette, without trap or carton.

An issue that has surprised me for good, to very well for its design and inspiration: go it is imbedded in the spirit of the flappers of the 20’s, as female but so advanced. I speak of long nozzles, hip cuts, feathers, the spirit of Daisy, eternal love of the Great como.

Certainly clothes that I present are my favorite of the views so far in signatures low-cost. The vintage touch gives you a new perspective to the low-cost, if not because they look and see in many places, many of them could be perfectly go through acquisitions from our last trip to the Brooklyn vintage route, New York.

What easily reminded me of Daisy Buchanan figure smoking by its mouthpiece and voice of girl well with first plagued Star Gold dress.

Not less than with this wonder in Velvet to which I would add one thing, a borche of stones on the shoulder.

And what about the skirt of feathers in pink makeup moment. Although in this case I feel obliged to argue one thing: this Feather skirt, thousand feathers, or your figure is as rangy, which androgynous flapper, or better or approaching.

1920s climbed some decades with a few dresses that, continuing the retro line, explores more in land of the forties and fifties. Beautiful dress though a little shorter, sit better.

How does not a brocaded skirt. Surely you’ve seen it already in the windows of the firm. But just in case, here you have, possibly with the best cut and design of Brocade skirts seen so far at Zara or H & M.

You may remember this dress for whom it has carried and worn in the signature campaign, recovered for this Christmas Special Edition. We speak of Scarlett Johansson and her dress 70’s “ How Jane Birkin would look at new year’s Eve & #8221;.

Much of the same thing occurs with the sequin sheath dress Purple as well Olivia Palermo wore in the collection that we present and the signature that Barcelona has been rescued in this special batiburrilo of their best clothes for the Christmas season.

I like its simplicity, her femininity, her mistiness … .imagino perfectly to Audrey Hepburn sheathed in this lightweight dress, with dancers and picked up Italian.

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