The Definitive Guide from Shops in Barcelona, Says These Hidden Treasures

I love it Barcelona. Not only because he was born there and is my home, but its hidden corners they make walk a real adventure. When I feel a little bajoneada I miss narrow streets of the old town and in each of the outputs I just finding something new. Vintage small shops that you hide many treasures and relics, although we can always choose stroll uptown and make a Pretty Woman. You don’t know where to buy? I have here a Super Guide to do so.

The designers more top

  • Santa Eulalia. Passeig de Gràcia, 93. It is clear that if you want more TOP, TOP brands, TOP of the moment must get close to Paseo de Gracia. Dozens of boutiques as Prada, Chanel or Gucci decorate fabulous shop windows. Although if you want to find the best selection of bags, shoes and clothes design your place is Santa Eulalia.
  • Jofré. Passeig de Gràcia, 104. With several stores Barcelona, Jofre offers models of handbags and shoes that would become a classic for the Cabinet and that come with the seal of the best firms of the time. Although if you prefer, you can always go for keep a piece of clothing of those that breathtaking…
  • STA. Teresa. C / Santa Teresa, 3. Big names wrapped in a place full of design and savoir faire. So STA. Teresa, that offers the best selection of firms such as Isabel Marant, Hervé Léger, Zoe Karssen… And a long etcetera.
  • Passage Bcn. Abat Rowland, 7. Looking for the garment which is different from all the others? You’ll find it safe in this place. And is that this store has signatures too cool that you will fall in love from the first touchdown. that Yes, prepares the current account, because the design (and firms) are paid.

The best treasures… Vintage!

  • Le Swing. C / Dr. Dou, 11. If you want to find pieces of vintage collection, here’s your place. Chanel, Dior, Versace, Jean Paul Gaultier… do you need?
  • Blow. C / Bonaire, 6. The best firms meet in this space to offer you fashion of yesteryear who still breathing savoir faire and extravagance of style. It is to enter into his gates and one transported to oytra time.
  • L ‘Ark of L’ Avia. C / dels Banys Nous, 20. There are days and special moments in which one wants to bet on something different. L ‘Ark of L’ Avia offers bridal fashion of yesteryear. Pieces unique and special events that are well worth special attention. Haute Couture is present in every one of their models.
  • Paris Vintage. C / Rosselló, 237. Bags and shoes vintage signed by great designers that are still fashionable. Everything deserves a second chance, and this is a good place to find that piece that makes you special.
  • Holala! Plaza. Pza Castilla, 2. If you are a fan of vintage fashion and are looking for authentic and original parts Holala! This is your place. Based in Ibiza, this shop offers you different and original looks.

The second hand is

  • Le trésor. C / de Mallorca, 241. Perhaps it’s the vintage not goes with you, or perhaps you want to find something more current. The luxury of second hand shops there and in Barcelona we find a few. Le trésor focuses most of its attention on a great selection of handbags and shoes with brands such as Chanel, Balenciaga, Saint Laurent or Jimmy Choo.
  • cottonVintage. C / de Laforja, 96. Here’s another luxury shop of second hand parts of exception. It is worth approaching because they always have something to just falling in love. The only downside? Its price, as it is sometimes similar to the of a new clothing brand new…

Do you have the planned route?

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